By Jeff Struecker
November 4, 2021

Way back at the beginning of COVID, we are talking about our God, who likes to enter into a relationship with people. We’re actually using this word covenant, which you probably don’t use in your everyday language. It’s a Bible word that just means God entering into a formal agreement. It’s actually like a contract. Think about it like an agreement for life, like marriage vows between God and the people he created.

Last week, I introduced you to the overarching concept of the covenant of grace, which means God’s relationship with all people through all times, because he’s a good God and likes to give gifts. -the greatest gift being the gift of grace, something that you and I can’t earn and we don’t deserve.

We’re going to look at some specific kinds of gifts of grace, and one of the most recognizable is perhaps the only one you can see with your own eyes. It’s the covenant that God entered into with Noah.

In order for you to understand how important this is for you (because nobody else was around when this happened), I’ve got to take you way back to the beginning of the Bible. When God originally created the heavens and the earth, when people originally planted and grew crops, there wasn’t any rain.

God’s people rebelled against him. That rebellion is called sin (and by the way, you have sinned; I have sinned. All people who have ever come after the first human beings that he created, after Adam and Eve, have sinned). One day, sin got so bad that God decided, “I’m going to restart everything. I’m going to wipe away all of the people, all of the animals, all of the creatures that crawl on the ground. I’m going wipe them all from the face of the earth, and I’m going to do it by sending rain and causing a flood.”

Up to this point, if you go back and read in the book of Genesis, up to Genesis 6, at this point the skies really had never rained down on people. Well, in Genesis 6, God selects one family that he’s going to preserve from all of the people of the earth. This is Noah, his wife, Noah’s sons, and their wives. God tells Noah, “I want you to build a big boat, because it’s about to rain.”

And Noah says, “Rain? What is rain, God? I don’t know what rain is.” God says, “You’re going to find out what rain is, Noah.”

Noah builds a boat. It takes him a long time to build it. God causes the rains, and the water under the ground open up, and they flood the whole earth. I’m a guy who believes every inch of the earth was underneath water, all the way up to above Mount Everest. And then after the waters receded, after the rains stopped, and eventually when the boat that Noah built settled on dry land, Noah came out of the boat and offered a sacrifice to God.

It was Noah’s way of saying God, “You spared my life, God! My family is still alive today only because of you. Every other human being on earth has died in this flood. We’re still alive because of you.” And Noah offers this sacrificial offering as a way to thank God for what he did. When God sees Noah’s sacrifice, he is pleased, and God enters into a covenant.

But he doesn’t just enter into a covenant with Noah. He enters into a covenant with Noah’s family and every child that will ever be born into Noah’s family, which includes you and me. Noah and his family were the only human beings left alive. So, all of us can trace our ancestry, you can trace your DNA, back to Noah and his family.

Memory Verse

The Bible gives us this promise that God makes to Noah. It’s this Bible promise about the rainbow that I want you to memorize. And if you have children, will you help them memorize it?

Now, I want you to notice something about this Bible verse. God is making a promise. The promise is, of course, to Noah, who he’s communicating this promise to. But, this promise is to all creatures. It’s to insects and animals. It’s to the plants that were underwater. It’s to the birds, the fish, you and me. This eternal covenant is for everybody, as long as time exists.

God says, “I will never again wipe every living thing off the earth by water.” If you go to the end of the Bible, he does have a punishment for the earth, and in the end it’s going to be fire instead of water. But God says, “I’m going to prove to you that I will never again wipe everything off the earth, and I’ll prove it by this very strange occurrence.” You can see it in the skies; it’s called a rainbow.

Now if you want to know what a rainbow is, there’s some physics involved here. It takes sunlight, water, and physics. And I know what you’re thinking, because I am too: Oh, I hate physics. I don’t really want to understand the physics of a rainbow, but I think if you watch this short video all the way to the end, you’ll find that there’s something really amazing about the kind of rainbows you and I see, God’s eternal covenant promise to Noah and to every human being that ever comes after.

Did you hear what this scientist said about rainbows? Every single human being on the earthexperiences their own personal rainbow. No two people ever experience the rainbow the same way, because of your relationship to the sun and to water. Somebody standing right next to you will see a slightly different rainbow than you do, meaning every rainbow that every human being has ever seen is a unique promise from God to them personally.

And when you see a rainbow, it is proof that there’s a God in Heaven who loves you and wants to enter into a relationship with you (that’s the word covenant), and not only that, but he wants to give you good gifts. That’s his covenant of grace.


Now I want you to do a little physics experiment in your yard. If you have a garden hose, I want you to create your own rainbow. You create your own rainbow on a sunny day by taking the garden hose out and spraying water as fine as you can up into the sky, like a mist, and standing at the right angle so that you can see the sunlight being refracted through those fine mists of water.

Create your own rainbow this week on a sunny day, and then I want you to keep this in mind: God buried a promise, not a pot of gold, at the end of every rainbow. And his promise is, “I’m never again going to flood the whole earth with water. You can take to the bank, and here’s my proof to you that I will never flood this whole earth with water again. I’ll prove my promise when you see that rainbow in sky.”

Instead of looking for a pot of gold, I want you to look for the God of promise every time you see a rainbow in the skies.

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