All things have been created by Him and for Him

Pastor Jeff Struecker

The greatest challenge that Christianity has dealt with for all time is the problem of evil. Some of the greatest minds in history have wrestled with this problem for thousands of years and have still not been able to settle the problem conclusively.

Christians believe that there is a God who has all the power in the universe because He created the universe, and we think that this all-powerful God is good. That He is perfect and that He never does anything wrong. Now you Christians tell me, why is there evil in this world?

It gets complicated because they asked the question one of two ways. Does God have enough power to stop evil? And we would say yes, of course. But, if He has enough power to stop evil, why does He allow evil to continue? And how could you call Him a good God if He allows great wickedness to continue?

This is a hard question, and I don’t ever want to downplay the question. There is some evidence on why this happened. But honestly, all of that evidence still leaves people struggling and scratching their heads with it.

I believe that God is absolutely powerful. He has all power and can do all things. I believe that God is absolutely good. 100% pure, 100% perfect. There is no defect in him. But I also believe that there is real evil on this earth because God allows it.

But that answer doesn’t answer the whole question. So maybe to help give you a framework to think through this, perhaps we should turn to the new testament and a specific verse from the Book of Colossians.

I’m going to ask you to memorize this verse and mull over it all week long because maybe as you think about it, as you go through this week, the Lord will start to reveal some things to you from this verse, Colossians 1:16.

Memory Verse

Now, the Bible says that Jesus is the author, the creator, and the energy behind all things. He is the reason why all things exist. And if you’re sitting there thinking to yourself, did Jesus create evil? 

This is what’s called the problem of evil or, in theological terms, Theocracy. Why is evil around if Jesus created all things and Jesus really is good? One of the most brilliant minds of the last century was an English professor of literature in Oxford and a staunch atheist until later on in life when God got ahold of his heart and God radically changed his heart. He went from believing that there is no such thing as God to being radically changed by Jesus. 

He became one of the most powerful voices for Jesus. He is an author by the name of C. S. Lewis. CS Lewis wanted everybody to know who Jesus is and how good Jesus is; he even wanted his eight-year-old niece to understand who Jesus is. So, CS Lewis started writing a series of Children’s books called The Chronicles of Narnia. He wrote seven books to describe Jesus, Heaven, Our Great God, and Paradise for Children. 

Those books have become some of the most-loved Children’s literature of all time. There’s a moment in C. S. Lewis’s book, The Lion the Witch and the wardrobe, that if you’re not thinking about it, you’ll miss the whole moment and how powerful this moment is at the end of the story when these children are adults living in Narnia, and they stumble back across something that doesn’t belong there. 

Lucy, Edmund, Peter, and Susan, these four children are riding horses through paradise, and they stumble across a lamp post. When they stumble across this lamp post, it’s obvious that this lamppost doesn’t belong in paradise. What C. S. Lewis is trying to describe by this lamppost is evil in the Garden of Eden.

So if you’ve ever read the beginning of the Bible, you must ask yourself this question. Why is there a serpent in paradise in the first place? Why is the serpent allowed to have a conversation with Adam and Eve to tempt Adam and Eve? Because if the serpent wasn’t there, maybe Adam and Eve would have never created that first sin. 

Here’s the question. I want you to think about it before you answer this question.

A Challenge

CS Lewis paints it in the Children’s book as a lamp post in the middle of the woods in Narnia. Why is there a serpent in the garden of Eden in the first place? And did God make a mistake here?

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