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A ROADMAP to help every believer become A leader

Do Life Together

God created people to be in community with him and with one another. In fact, people are supposed to be in relationship with each other in the same way God is in relationship with his Son and his Holy Spirit. At 2 Cities Church, we describe this kind of biblical community as Doing Life Together. Life is hard… We all need someone to come alongside us when times get tough. Our life groups are how that happens at 2 Cities Church. During these weekly life group meetings, we hold each other accountable, pray for one another, encourage one another, and grow closer to one another. This is one of the most important aspects of our church.

Engage the community

Jesus called us to love our neighbors as ourselves in Matthew 22:39. Love is an action word! God is not asking his people to sit around and have good feelings in their hearts toward their neighbors. God expects us to go get to know our neighbors, to learn about their needs, and then minister to them in practical and meaningful ways. This is what 2 Cities Church means by engaging our community. We are trying to be a church that is known for loving our neighbors out loud.

Explain the Good news

Love opens the door for honest conversations. By serving our neighbors well, we believe we earned the right to share our story and introduce them to our Savior. Each follower of Jesus has a story to tell. 2 Cities Church helps communicate the good news by sharing our own personal stories well. When someone records their story and publishes it to this website, we create personalized business cards with a web address to this story. We then ask people to hand their own personalized business cards out, in order for people to see how Christ has changed them. These personal stories become powerful testimonies that Jesus Christ can change your life also.

Produce Leaders

Jesus took farmers and fisherman and turn them into leaders who transformed the world. Then, he entrusted his Great Commission to them. We believe that in order to accomplish this mission, 2 Cities Church must build men and women up in the faith and help them become leaders who are equipped to train other leaders. We have developed a process called Basic Training to help every Christian become the leader that God has called and created them to be.

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