You Never Outgrow Your Need for the Gospel

Just like type one diabetes, just like the necessity to have insulin with you for the rest of your life, just like that, here’s what I want you to hear from the Bible today: We never graduate from learning how much we need the gospel. You never get to the point that you don’t need the word that we’re going to talk about today, that you don’t need the gospel of the Lord, Jesus Christ.

The Gospel is the 4-Lane Bridge to God

We give nothing in exchange; we get everything. Jesus gives everything so that we can get his righteousness, and we can get his reward. When the Christian stands before God in heaven, God looks at us and he sees the good works of his son. He gives us credit for what Jesus did for us. Not only that, but he gives us this abundant everlasting, eternal life. And it starts right here, right now on planet Earth.