You Can’t Have Fruit Without a Fruit Tree

You Can’t Have Fruit Without a Fruit Tree</iframe>”> Pastor Jeff Struecker Brandon Washington is a pastor who lives in Denver, Colorado. Brandon found himself in this impossible dilemma just a little while ago. He was talking about this on a podcast, and he said he owns a house in a subdivision in Colorado. This […]

How You Know the King is on His Throne

Really, what I want to do from the book of Philemon is, I want you to understand, what does it look like when Jesus really is on the throne of my heart? I’m going to show you from just four verses what this looks like. And we’re going to look at four things, four heralds, or four ways to measure this in your own life.

Find Your Identity in Christ

Here’s the thing that I want you to hear from the Bible today: Please don’t believe the fake news. Please don’t listen to the labels. Please don’t just believe the social media likes or dislikes about you. I need you to understand this today, and I’m going to go back to this again and again and again. You are more.