What is Life’s Greatest Treasure?

Life’s greatest treasures, because they are priceless and because you can’t use money to buy them, life’s greatest treasures are really bought with the currency of your heart. For just a second, we’re going to talk about these huge treasures in life. We’re going to talk about what they look like and how you get these huge treasures.

What it Costs to Follow Jesus

Following Jesus is going to cost you less than you think, and if we’re really going to be honest today, it’s going to cost you more than you can possibly imagine. And by the way, by the time that we get done, if you properly understand the gospel, hopefully you will have decided, I’m willing to give everything that it costs me because I believe I’m going to get a whole lot more than I give following Jesus.

The Gospel Changes These 3 Relationships

Maybe you’ve been fighting with your family. Maybe you’ve been frustrated with some friends. Maybe you’ve been fussing with a spouse, and this really causes a struggle for you. Here’s the overarching answer to the question, how exactly does the gospel change me? Here is the whole sermon in one sentence: The gospel changes you in such a way that you never have to be two meters apart again.