The Overlooked Blessings: Reflecting on the Common Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Pastor Jeff Struecker

We have been delving into the topic of the Holy Spirit and have discovered that many individuals are uncertain about its true meaning. We discussed how the Holy Spirit is an essential part of the Godhead – the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit- and how it works in our lives.

This week, we will be discussing the concept of grace. In the Bible, grace refers to when God blesses us with something we don’t deserve, similar to receiving an unexpected gift. There are two ways in which grace is used in the Bible, and we will explore them over the next two weeks. Today’s discussion will focus on God’s common grace – the gifts that He bestows on every person, regardless of their beliefs or actions. This includes atheists, pagans, and even those who are deemed as “evil.” Jesus explained that God provides rain and sunshine to both the just and unjust, and that the earth continues to rotate on its axis due to God’s sustaining power.

As followers of Christ, it’s fascinating to discover how the Bible references God’s common gifts to all humanity in various passages. One such place is in the Old Testament, where we find a verse that speaks of God’s gracious gifts to all people. Would you join us in memorizing this verse at Two Cities Church? Here it is:

Memory Verse

Now, I want you to memorize this verse this week because it used some strange language like uprightness, righteousness, and wicked. And what the Bible is saying is God even gives gifts and bestows common grace on the wicked and the righteous. This verse says that Holy Spirit is constantly at work in the world, even when we can’t see it. The Holy Spirit is responsible for keeping the world spinning on its axis and ensuring that everything works the way God intends it to. One of the ways that God shows His grace to all people is by allowing us to wake up each morning and continue living our lives. The fact that we have breath in our lungs, water to drink, food to eat, clothes to wear, and shelter over our heads is all thanks to God’s grace.

According to the Bible, there are wicked individuals who may receive God’s blessings but remain unchanged in their hearts. As a result, they may not truly love, serve, or worship Jesus as devotedly as others. However, some people may come to appreciate and honor Jesus through the common gifts they receive from Him. This topic will be further explored next week. For now, I urge you to reflect on the question I’m about to ask. It may be challenging, but it is essential. Here it is:


Remember that grace is another word for gift. Have you overlooked any of the blessings you’ve received from the Holy Spirit today, which are vital to your existence and well-being? I encourage you to discuss this question with your family or group and honestly reflect on your answers. When you consider the vast array of gifts we receive from God each day, it is humbling and overwhelming to realize how good He is to us. Therefore, take some time tonight to thank God for His grace and the blessings you have received, even the ones you may have overlooked or taken for granted.