Condemnation of Sin

Pastor Jeff Struecker

I want to talk to you today about God’s condemnation of sin. We can’t skip over this one because we’ve talked about sin at the big societal level in the past couple of weeks. We’ve talked about sin at the personal level, and now what we’re talking about is what does God do as a result of sin? And I need us to hear from the Bible on this one because it helps us to understand who we are and who God is when we think about God as a father and how our heavenly father approaches it when we do wrong.

Now, I want you to think about God as a father who sits on the throne of the universe and who is enthroned over all humanity. So we’re talking about sin, and we’re talking about the consequences of sin. Actually, what we’re talking about is condemnation. That word simply means being told that you are wrong because you have done wrong, and some consequences go along with doing wrong. It’s found all over the Bible. There are countless places that I could go to, but I want to put before you a verse from Proverbs 12: 2, and I want you to memorize this very short proverb about sin and its consequences..

Memory Verse

I’m pointing your attention to the book of Proverbs and this verse because when you think about the word condemnation, it can make it feel like God is sitting there watching you, waiting for you to mess up because He wants to punish you, and that’s wrong. In fact, if you have that attitude, maybe it’s because you sat in a church and heard pastors teach you that God is a mean God who wants to catch you doing wrong and takes joy in punishing you when you do wrong. They’ve given you the absolute worst idea of what God is really like.

Now I need you to think about God as a father who loves and protects His Children. And I want you to just think for a second about the original rules like, “God, why did you tell Adam and Eve not to eat the fruit? God, why did you give 10 Commandments way back in the Sinai desert in the first place? What was your deal with all of these rules?” If you were to think honestly about this question for a second, you would start to realize those rules are there to protect us from ourselves and from danger around us. If you’re a parent, you don’t let your child play with a hot metal pan because you know it will burn them, no matter how much they want to play with that hot metal plan. You don’t let your child play with a sharp knife because it will cut them. They may really like that knife, but you know it can hurt them badly. So you take the knife away and may even punish them when they play with a knife to prevent them from hurting themselves severely.

Well, God’s rules are the same, and God’s rules protect you. And I think it may help you to understand who God is and how He views sin if you think honestly about this question.

A Challenge

As you read the question about family, I want you to think about the house you grew up in. But I also want you to think about God, your father, and being part of the family of God. So here is the question we’re going to end with tonight.

I’ll give you a couple of possible answers. Are they because mom and dad want to spank you for doing something wrong? Is that why they created a rule, or do those rules exist for a different reason? And the answer to that question may help you understand who you are, who God is, why He has rules in the first place, why He condemns sin, and why sin Has consequences.