2 Cities Church Events

Come join us as we celebrate the Love of Jesus Christ our Lord through gatherings and fellowship

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Learn more about Faith and Salvation. Be a Good Disciple. Know more about the Church and Christianity.

What Goes On?

Free Youth Camp
Baptism Class
Praise Concert
Mission Trip

Together, we will build our

Connect and be encouraged on how we spread the word of the LORD and expand our Christian Community

Children Ministry

Engaged your children in the activities where they will learn and know more about God


Have a better understanding how military serve not on our Country and People but also our Lord

Community Outreach

We can also serve God by helping our community and use our talent to help others

Praise and Worship

Give thanks and bless the Lord through our voices. Praise Him for everything He has done for us

Prayer Ministry

Help our brothers and sisters by praying for one another and be a vessel of blessing

Church Ministry

Let us gather together be filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak the word of God with boldness.

Peek to our 2022 Milestone

2 Cities Church Event
Together we have prove that there is no power on earth may stand against the Jesus Christ the Lord Our God
Tough but Fruitful Year
A year full of pain and sufferring yet the love of the Lord gave us hope and light against all misery. And through this, we learn to stand in our ground and have faith to our God

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