Forming human relationships is one of God's great gift

Pastor Jeff Struecker

We are going to talk about human relationships or in theological terms ”Human relationality”. Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been describing human beings and how we are the pinnacle of God’s creation. The absolute highlight of all that God created in those six days way back in Genesis chapter one.

When He was done with humans, He said it’s very good. The other stuff He called good but when He created humans, He called us very good.

Human relationality or human relationships comes from Genesis chapter two. Adam is hanging out in the garden, he’s got perfection it’s paradise around him. He’s got everything that he can want. Then God looks down at what he’s created and he makes this stark statement. He says not good.

I’m going to ask you if you will memorize what God said about being alone in the garden. And then I will tell you why this is a really important concept for us to consider. This comes from the book of Genesis chapter 2:18. Would you memorize this verse this week?

Memory Verse

God is absolutely perfect and He creates everything perfect. At the end of Genesis chapter one, we even get the impression that God made everything, He put His imprint on everything that He made so that it’s all perfect.

And when we get to Genesis chapter two, we learn that human beings are not perfect when they are alone. This is the theological phrase, “Human relationality”. It means that God has built you in such a way that you need other people.

Now, if you’re kind of like me, you don’t like to hear that you need other people, you like to be a lone ranger. And some of us can go alone for a long time, but nobody can go through it alone for an entire lifetime.

I’m telling you this because God has woven into human DNA, the need for other human beings. Did you know that it isn’t a bad thing that you need other people?

Needing is not necessarily a bad thing because God created humans to bear His image and God has always existed for all times. There was never a point where God didn’t exist in a relationship.

Let this sink in, God has always had the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit in relationship to one another. Now there are three distinct persons, but there’s still one God.

So, when He created humans, He created us to be in a relationship. Just like He’s in a relationship with Father, the Son, and the Spirit.

When you’re in a relationship with other people, beautiful stuff can start to happen. This is how teamwork happens, this is how best friends developed. These are some of the most beautiful aspects of being a human being and I don’t know that anybody can demonstrate better than Johnny and Chachi, how much human beings need each other and how big of a deal, teamwork is. They have a humorous video that will remind you that you need people like I need people, you and I need God and you and I need each other.

I’m going to put a question for you, the question is one question in two parts. The question is designed to ask you to think deeply about human beings being created in the image of God but still need other people.

So parents, why don’t you have a conversation with your children and answer these questions to your children? Let them answer it to you. If you’re by yourself, why don’t you put a little bit of thought into this question, maybe it will help drive home this idea of human relationality today.

A Challenge

I hope you can answer that in one word. The second question is what I really want you to think about, out of the billions of people on the planet? What is it about them that makes you want to be best friends? What is it about you that makes you want to be best friends with them? Why you two and not them and not you and somebody else.

This starts to get to the essence of what the bible is teaching us tonight. In Genesis chapter two, it’s not good for a man or a woman to be all alone for a lifetime, they need other humans.