God’s Family Rules

Pastor Jeff Struecker

In our Midweek Worship broadcasts, we’ve been discussing a concept called covenant. That word is a Bible word, and you probably don’t use it in your normal, everyday language much.

But this Bible word is one you would use to describe something like a business contract between two parties. -not just a regular old business party or business contract, but the kind of serious contract where two business leaders say, “You can kill me if I don’t keep my end of the contract.”

Maybe the best way to think about a covenant is with marriage language, because when a couple gets married, they usually say some vows, and those vows usually include something like, “until death do us part”.

That’s what covenant language is like in the Bible, except a Bible covenant is the relationship between God and the people that he created.

I want to talk about how God has a covenant with people, and he helps people know the covenant by his law. There are actually a couple of ways that God’s law shows up in the Bible.

God’s Unwritten Law

There are two primary ways that God’s law communicates who God is and what he expects from people in the Bible. The first way is God’s unwritten law. I want to use the word nature, because when you go outside and see a beautiful sunrise, when you see the trees swaying in the breeze, when you see the ocean splashing up on the the shore, you’re seeing who God is and what he is like as a creator.

In fact, the Bible even tells us that what we see in nature speaks to us about the God who created nature.

God’s Written Law

But the second way that God’s law speaks is through his written law. And by written law, of course I mean the Bible, the written words of God. The Bible was originally given when God himself used his own finger and started writing out the law on the tablets of stone that he gave to Moses for the 10 Commandments.

That law has been preserved, and it is available for us to read today in the form of the Bible. Now, in order to help us understand a little bit more about God’s law, I’m going to ask you to memorize one verse from the Bible

Meditate on God’s Law

The Bible encourages you to spend time thinking about the law of God and reflecting on it, because by thinking about it, understanding it, and reflecting on it, you actually get to know who the God is that created you.

In fact, the very first verse in this book of Psalms in the Bible praises the guy or the gal who spends time thinking about God by meditating on God’s law.

Will you meditate on this verse this week? Parents, will you teach your children to meditate on it by memorizing it, and then while you’re driving or at work or maybe while you’re at the gym, you can be thinking about this verse that you’re memorizing this week.

Psalm 1:2

…but they delight in the law of the LORD, meditating on it day and night.

Did you notice how God’s people spend time reading the Bible? They spend time thinking about God.

And it’s not just a couple of minutes, but all day long and into the night. They think about him by meditating on what they’ve read or what they’ve seen in nature.

Did you know that that word meditate just means chewing on it a little bit? You don’t just put in your mouth, swallow it down, and digest it. You chew on it and savor the taste of how good God is. Psalm 1 describes a guy or a gal who chews all day and all night on how good God is, and he chews on it by spending time thinking about the law of God.

The Father Sets the Rules

Now, think about what the Bible is teaching. When the Bible talks about the law of God, God is the ultimate Father. He is your Father in Heaven, and the father sets the rules for his family (in this case, God is the ultimate Father for all people). Because God is the Father, he gets to set the rules.

There is no such thing anywhere on the planet as a family that doesn’t have any kind of rules whatsoever. In fact, that family would be totally chaotic. Nobody would be able to survive in a house where the family had no rules.

Family rules really help us understand who we are and what it means to be part of that family. So when God sets some family rules, God’s rules help us understand who we were created to be. But God’s rules also help us understand who our Creator is. And God’s rules are always for our good.

His law is always there to bless us and to protect us, not to prevent us from doing something fun or to make life difficult for us.


So, here’s what I want you to do: Describe how your family rules shape the family’s identity.

Your rules are there to help your children become the kind of an adults that you want them to be. Really, those rules exist to help them become the person that God has created them to be.

Would you talk about a specific rule? -one or two specific rules that you have as a family.

Explain why that family rule exists and how following that rule will help your children become a young man or a young woman that God wants them to be.