Unleashing the Power of the Holy Spirit: A Path to Spiritual Conversion

Pastor Jeff Struecker

What does the Holy Spirit do? How does the Holy Spirit work in our lives? Today, we’ll focus on the Holy Spirit’s role in salvation, specifically in the process of conversion, which transforms us from death to life and from being sinners to becoming saints.

We know that the Holy Spirit is God, and He calls people out of their sin, leading them into a relationship with Him. Additionally, the Holy Spirit regenerates us, causing us to be born again when we respond to His call in faith. Today, we’ll delve into the concept of conversion and how the Holy Spirit plays a crucial role in transforming individuals. Conversion is a term we frequently use, although we may not often associate it with people. However, that is precisely what the Holy Spirit accomplishes. His purpose is to convert sinners into saints, and we will explore this further in the following discussion. 

To clarify the concept of the Holy Spirit’s work in conversion, let me share two important Bible verses with you. It would be beneficial for you to memorize these verses, as they provide clarity on the topic. Although it is a slightly longer passage than usual, I encourage you to devote some time each day this week to memorize it. By memorizing just two verses, you will gain a better understanding of the Holy Spirit’s role in converting people. These verses can be found in Colossians 1: 13 – 14.

Memory Verse

The important message conveyed here is that God delivered us when we were unable to rescue ourselves. Think of it like being stranded at sea, and a rescue boat arrives to bring you safely to dry land. That’s the language used in the Bible. God’s Holy Spirit has delivered us from the domain of darkness, which represents being far from God and dead in our sins, with no ability to earn our way into heaven. God sent His Son Jesus to rescue us from that domain and transfer us to the kingdom of His beloved Son, the kingdom of light and love.

This miraculous transformation, known as conversion, is the process of turning a sinner into a saint. It is the greatest miracle of all because it brings spiritual life to a dead soul. It is like witnessing someone who was publicly declared dead yesterday walking around alive today—an extraordinary event that would capture the attention of every news outlet. Similarly, when a soul transitions from the domain of darkness to the domain of God’s beloved Son, it is a profound miracle.

Conversion involves two parts: turning away from something and turning towards something. To help you reflect on Colossians chapter one, I present two questions, which essentially address both sides of the same coin. If you’re in a group setting, discuss these questions with your friends. If you’re with your family, work through them together. And if you’re alone, contemplate them personally. Here are the questions:

A Challenge

It’s crucial to have specific and concrete answers to both of these questions. Often, people wrestling with their faith have clarity regarding what God asks them to leave behind—sin, wickedness, and evil. However, they may be less certain about what God is calling them to embrace, to turn to. It is important to be clear and specific about both aspects of this transformation. So, please take some time to consider and answer these questions.