"The Holy Spirit and Salvation: How the Spirit Guides Us to Truth and Transforms Our Lives"

Pastor Jeff Struecker

We have been discussing Jesus for several months, covering his identity, work, suffering, and exaltation. Today, we will delve into my second favorite theological topic, the Holy Spirit. We will initiate this discussion starting with the Holy Spirit’s role in salvation. My favorite t-shirt references the famous hymn, “Amazing Grace.” The shirt speaks to my experience of the Holy Spirit’s transformative power when I was 13 and symbolizes my connection to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit intervened and turned me into a completely different person. If this could happen to a flawed individual like me, it can happen to anyone.

Let’s study the Holy Spirit because he is the one who introduces us to Jesus and transforms our lives. I personally experienced this transformation from blindness to sight, and the Bible has a lot to say about the Holy Spirit. However, many people are still confused about who the Holy Spirit is and how he works. Even my friend, who has been in the church for many years, asked me about it recently. This confusion is natural, but Jesus prepared his disciples for the Holy Spirit’s arrival 50 days after his resurrection. In John chapter 16, Jesus spoke about the Holy Spirit’s role in their lives and our lives. I want to share John 16 verse 13 with you that I want you to commit to mind. Here it is,

Memory Verse

One of my pet peeves is when pastors and Christians refer to the Holy Spirit as a ghost. However, the Holy Spirit is not a ghost but rather the spirit of Jesus, who comes to meet with His people after He physically left to be with the Father. In John 16, Jesus tells His disciples that He will send His Spirit to them and describes what His Spirit will do. The Holy Spirit will only speak what He hears from Jesus and communicate those things to us. Since Jesus is the truth, when the Holy Spirit speaks what he hears from Jesus, it is the truth, and we can trust it. The Holy Spirit can change our lives just as He changed mine. When I was 13 years old, my neighbors told me about Jesus, sin, and what happened on the cross for the first time in my life. The Holy Spirit moved into my bedroom that night and made everything they said make sense. He caused me to believe what I was hearing, kneel down, and ask Jesus to change my life. The Holy Spirit in that bedroom caused me to understand, believe, and change my life. And if you have been to church but have never been radically changed, that same Holy Spirit can change your life too.

I want to invite you to pray sincerely, acknowledging that although you do not deserve heaven, you believe that God loves you and sent his son Jesus to rescue you from sin. With Jesus back in heaven, his Holy Spirit is here to change you. For those who the Holy Spirit has already changed, I have a question for you to answer honestly.


How is your day different because the Holy Spirit was with you? Consider how your day would have been without the Holy Spirit. This question is meant to prompt reflection on whether you are walking with the Holy Spirit and experiencing his presence and whether he is practically making a difference in your life. If you have already been born again, I encourage you to discuss this question with your friends and family.