God forged humanity in His image to reflect how astounding He is to all of His creation.

Pastor Jeff Struecker

I will give you the answer to the question that has been burning in your mind forever. What happens if you put a mirror in front of a lion? We will give you the answer to that in this mid-week worship.


We started last week covering one of the most important topics that you’ll ever hear. We started tackling the concept of the doctrine of humanity. We asked the question, what is this creature that God made when he created Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden?


Today, we will take that concept one step further and start to get into the image of God. What does it mean to be created in the image of God? In fact, I’m going to show you where that phrase shows up in the bible for the very first time.


We will work on this verse below for two weeks because it’s essential and pretty big. This week, when you sit down at the dinner table, you practice this verse until you can memorize it when you’re getting ready to leave for school or go to work.

Would you say this verse out loud? What you’re trying to do is hide God’s word in your heart so that when the day comes that you need it and you don’t have a copy of the bible in front of you. You’ve already put it in your mind, and it’s right there, ready for you.

Memory Verse

This verse comes from the first book of the bible. We’re going to look at Genesis 1:26. Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, according to our likeness. They will rule over the fish of the sea, the birds of the sky, the livestock, the whole earth, and the creatures that crawl on the earth.”


Now please focus on the first sentence in this verse this week because we will focus on the second half of this verse next week.


Genesis 1:26 tells us when God created humans; He did something different in the garden of Eden. Every other part of creation. When God made Mt. Everest the tallest mountain on earth, He just spoke the word, and Mt. Everest appeared.


When God made fish in the seas and birds in the sky. The most beautiful, intricate, and elaborate creatures in the air or the water. God just spoke the word, and they all showed up. When God created animals, those with tall necks, those with a really long nose, those animals with black and white stripes, all He had to do was say the word, and they showed up.


He created all of those things on earth just to display His glory to show the world how amazing He is. We covered the first six days of creation months ago in this broadcast. You can go back and check out the first six days of creation from our Youtube channel.


I want to talk about humans because God does something different on the 6th day. No other part of creation, not the mountains, not the animals, the birds, the fish, nowhere else in the bible does God say, “I’m going to put our image, our likeness into the thing that I’m going to create next.”


He didn’t use a language, but you know what I’m saying? Before He created Adam and Eve, He said, “I’m going to put my image. I’m going to put my likeness into this creature. And when this creature walks on earth, it’s going to be different than everything else that I’ve created.”


Genesis 1:26 tells us that God created all of humanity. Male or female, your skin color, the language you speak, doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if you’re tall or short, if you’re round or if you’re skinny. All of humanity is equally created in God’s image.


It’s not that man has more of the image of God than woman does it. It’s not that one skin color is an image-bearer of God than a different color skin.


This is true of all of humanity. I want you to understand that when the bible talks about us being created in the image of God. I want you to think about it like mirror language. When you look in the mirror, the reflection that’s looking back at you is just bouncing off of the glass of the mirror, and you’re seeing what the mirror is showing you. You’re seeing yourself in the mirror.


When God created us in His image, He created us to be like a mirror image of Him. Now we don’t look like God. We don’t have all of God’s nature, all of His attributes, all of His characteristics, but we have a lot of them, and we have them as part of being humans.


The burning question that you’ve always wanted to know. What would happen if you put a mirror in front of a lion that has never, ever seen its reflection for the first time?


I don’t know what these geniuses were thinking, but some guys in Serengeti, Africa, decided to put a mirror in front of a lion and videotape the lion’s reaction. You probably think that the lion will pounce and fight the mirror, but he realizes that dude in that mirror is just as big as he is.


Listen, being created in the image of God means even though the mirror is dim, even though the mirror isn’t perfect, you and I are mirror reflections of who God is. We’re supposed to reflect who God is to other people. We’re supposed to be in charge and rule over God’s creation and reflect who He is. How good he is, how amazing he is to all of God’s creation.


Let us get real for just a second; looking like God doesn’t mean how you dress and what you do with your hair and makeup that you put on. We’re talking about your nature, your character, and your personality.


Here’s a question for you, and this question is an exercise for you to do. If you have a family, would you have a conversation as a family about this question? If it’s just you, would you pause for a second? Would you think about this? And then would you answer this question?


In fact, you can put your answers on our 2 Cities Church Youtube channel to start a conversation.

A Challenge

What did you do this week to look a little bit more like God?

Did you do something this week that made you look a little bit less like God to somebody else?


Maybe you did something this week, and it hurt somebody, or you let somebody down. Perhaps you did something this week that made you look a little bit less like God. You and I are supposed to reflect God himself to other people and to all creation. And that’s a little bit of the responsibility that goes along with reflecting the image of God.