Humanity's fall into sin

Pastor Jeff Struecker

Over the past several months, we’ve spent a lot of time talking about who God is, how amazing our God is, and people. Now, I’m going to move us to a brand new section, and we will talk about humanity’s fall into sin.

I want you to notice that we have spent a lot of time talking about the image of God. We spent months on that topic and what we learned is our God is amazing. He’s perfect, and He has placed His image into us; then, we started talking about human beings and what it means to be created in God’s image. We learned during that big section that God made us perfect, just like He’s perfect.

Today, the tragedy happened because this perfect, beautiful, incredible aspect of creation was broken by sin. For the next couple of weeks, we will look at how sin impacted humanity. How it impacts me to this day and how it impacts you.

The Bible describes just a little bit of what it means to be plunged into sin. And honestly, there is one chapter in the Bible that we’re going to spend a lot of time with. For the next several weeks, we’re going to dig deep into Romans chapter five because this chapter describes for us the effects to this day of what happened in the first chapters of the bible way back in the garden of Eden.

Would you commit this verse to memory? Would you memorize Romans 5:12, here’s what it says,

Memory Verse

Now, when you hear the word sin, maybe you’re thinking about murder. Perhaps you’re thinking about the terrible sins, like committing adultery. I’m not sure what goes through your mind when we talk about sin, but in a few weeks, we’re going to get into what do we mean by the word sin? 

What the Bible is describing for us today is when the first parents sinned, something happened to them, and that thing has been passed on from generation to generation, which means I don’t even need to know who you are to know that you have been impacted by sin and because we’ve been impacted by sin, those effects linger with us today. Even when God’s children have been born again, that innate temptation toward sin still lingers with us today.

A long time ago, when you were a child, you were tempted to do something that in your mind you already knew was wrong, and you felt this strong desire to do it anyway. I’ll use a Mentos mint as an example. Maybe you are walking through a food store, and you saw a little piece of food, and you decided no one would ever know if I took this mint among a whole bunch of other mints, and by the way, it’s a cheap mint, so nobody will ever care. You took this mint, even though you didn’t pay for it, even though it didn’t belong to you, and you ate that mint. 

When you did that, you stole something that didn’t belong to you. I don’t need to go back and even know when that first thing was because that thing has happened to every human being on the planet. We’ve all felt that desire to do something that we knew was wrong deep in our hearts. 

I will put a question below that I want you to think about for a second. I want you to talk honestly about this as a family, which means parents, I want you to get honest with your children and allow your children to get honest with you because the question that I want you to ask is where did that desire to do something that you knew deep inside was wrong? 

A Challenge

Where did that desire come from in the first place? Why is that desire there? That question gets to the essence of what we’re going to study for the next couple of weeks together on Wednesday night as we do this mid-week worship broadcast.