Jesus’ Accomplishment of Salvation

Pastor Jeff Struecker

This is the week of thanksgiving in the United States. Now, if you live elsewhere in the world, chances are you don’t celebrate thanksgiving, but everybody in the US knows this is a big deal. And today, we will start a brand new, huge theological topic about Jesus and how Jesus accomplishes salvation. Now, there are millions of little things and hundred big things that you should thank God for, but number one on your list should be your eternal salvation.

So what we’re going to do over the next several weeks is talk about how that was possible. How can Jesus rescue human beings since he’s God and we’re human? How could he save human beings from our sins? Many people have been to big sporting events, soccer, football, baseball, or basketball. And you’ve seen that man holding up the banner that says John 3:16. One of the most famous verses, if not the most famous verse, in all of the Bible. John 3:16 talks about why Jesus came to earth. It’s really unfortunate that people stop at the end of verse 16 because if you keep reading verse 17, it is a very powerful verse about your salvation. So here it is:

Memory Verse

There are a couple of obvious things about this verse that I need to point out. John 3:16 tells us why Jesus came to earth. He came to rescue us to save us from our sins. But John 3:17 takes that idea, moves it further, and says, ” I need you to know that God didn’t send Jesus to point the finger at you and tell you’ve done wrong. He sent Jesus here to grab you, pull you out of your mess, and rescue you. And some people have this image of God as this disciplinarian who’s ready to rap you across the knuckles with a ruler every time you mess up. But really, what the Bible is telling us is God’s nature is to love you and rescue you from your sins.

The Bible makes it very clear in John 3:17 that Jesus came to rescue, and because it’s thanksgiving week, chances are sometime this week, you’re going to sit down with family and friends, and you’re going to start to thank God. It shouldn’t be one day of the week. It should be every day of the year that we thank God. We have a lot to be thankful for, but the first thing is to thank God for sending His Son, Jesus, not to condemn you but to rescue you from yourself.

And I have a little exercise for you to do. If you live alone, I want you to think about this. I want you to pay attention. If you’re a parent, I want you to answer this with your children and allow them to answer it because it is a good exercise to put John 3:17 into practice. So, here’s a statement, and inside it is an inherent question for you.

A Challenge

Notice the blank space there on the statement. That blank space is your chance to get real with yourself and be honest with God. “Hey God, you rescued me from something I couldn’t fix myself.” And this is good exercise for you this Thanksgiving weekend.