Jesus Christ as our intercessor, advocate and mediator

Pastor Jeff Struecker

Let’s look at Jesus as a mediator; the word mediator means a go-between, someone who steps between two parties. Here is a verse from the Bible for you to memorize, and I think you need to hide it in your heart. We hide it in our hearts because, later on, at a key point in our life. When you’re struggling with something spiritually or maybe emotionally, this bible verse is already in your heart. You don’t need to open the Bible and find a place to read. You’ve already put it in your heart, and the Lord will bring it to your mind when you need it most. Here’s what it says.

Memory Verse

There are several vital thoughts in this one bible verse, so I’m asking you to memorize the whole bible verse. The very first thought in this bible verse is calling Jesus a mediator. I said at the beginning that the word mediator means someone who steps between. You’ve probably seen it on a T-shirt, on a poster, maybe you’ve never actually been to Rome and seen the picture at the top of that famous cathedral in Rome, Italy. But there’s that famous image of God reaching down from heaven and Adam reaching up from God. They’re pointing their fingers at each other, and there’s a little gap between those fingers. The brilliant artist who painted the Sistine chapel ceiling showed that God is pure God is perfect. God is Holy, and man was created to be pure and perfect, but Adam sinned, so he’s no longer perfect and holy. And God can’t tolerate anything less than pure, perfect, and holy. You’ll notice that those fingers in the painting never touch and what it is trying to say is that there has to be somebody that connects Adam to God, and that connector is a person. The word that we would use to describe that connector is a mediator. 

You can’t reach God on your own. Even the best person that’s ever lived on the planet and who’s tried to be a good boy or a good girl cannot make their way to God on their own because God cannot and will not step down to their level. 

So God sent a mediator. His name is Jesus, and Jesus became the go-between that could make Adam and God connect again because sin broke that connection. Well, I’ve got a question for you. I want you to talk about it, and I want you to answer the question. Here it is:

A Challenge

Now, I want you to list all of the technologies. What makes it possible, through the internet, satellites, cellphones, and landlines, to connect one person on one side of the world and another on the other? What’s the technology that makes that possible? But this isn’t purely an academic exercise and then imagine that there is this uncrossable, no human technology can bridge this gap. That’s the gap between a Holy God and a sinful man. Someone stepped in and mediated that gap and made it possible for you and me, as sinful people, to be connected to a pure and perfect God. Jesus Christ, our mediator through his perfect righteousness, made it possible for us to connect with God in heaven.