Jesus Christ is God’s righteous Judge

Pastor Jeff Struecker

We have been studying the person and work of Jesus for several weeks and his different offices.

Offices of Jesus Christ:  

  • Second Adam Jesus

  • Prophet Jesus

  • Priest Jesus

  • King

Today, we end this thing by looking at Jesus— the righteous judge. When you hear the word judge, chances are, it gives negative connotations in your mind, but it doesn’t need to. Well, Jesus is the pure, perfect, and compassionate judge. 

You see, part of a judge’s job is to make society run well by taking what’s wrong and fixing it by applying the law so that people don’t want to break it. And the only way that society works is if you and the people around you follow the law. When judges do their job well, your neighbors want to follow the law. But things will go wrong when they are not pure, unjust, and don’t administer the law. 

Jesus is God’s judge, and because God is perfect, Jesus, and his judgment, therefore, are perfect. He will never sentence an innocent man and let the guilty go. He will always do what is right and will always administer justice. 

This is the language we learned about last week in mid-week worship. Normally as a church, we commit one verse of the Bible to memory, but this week, I’m asking you to commit two verses of the Bible to memory. The reason why we’re going to do two verses instead of one is that these two verses together are a package. Here it is, Acts 17: 30-31

Memory Verse

The last phrase refers to Jesus, who was raised from the dead. The first one raised from the dead is the reason why the rest of humanity will be raised from the dead. And the Bible says the proof that Jesus has the power to judge is the empty tomb. The reason why these two verses together are so powerful is that the Bible describes Jesus as a judge. 

Now, I want to tell you there’s a point in Jesus’s ministry while he’s here on earth that Jesus describes himself, and he says, “I didn’t come right now, physically here on earth to judge” but that doesn’t mean that he won’t come back a second time to judge. He was having a conversation with Nicodemus, this religious leader. He told Nicodemus about why Jesus came the first time. In John chapter 3, he said, I didn’t come to judge. I came to rescue those people who will repent. And the famous John 3:16, “…everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.” 

That is why God commands everybody, while you’re still here on earth, to repent before it’s too late. Because when he comes the second time, there’s no second chance to repent. God has been gracious and allowed you the chance to beg him for forgiveness now while you can.

Now I will put a multiple-choice question that should help you think about what Acts 17 just said.

A Challenge

See, he doesn’t just judge what you did or didn’t do. He judges the actions and attitudes, the affections of your heart, and why you did what you did or didn’t do. Now let’s get real for just a second. Jesus is the only perfect judge because he is the one that can see deep into your heart. And when you did something wrong, and you knew in your heart that it was wrong and did it anyway, you broke God’s law. You dishonored God by doing wrong. But here’s what the book of James says, when you were walking by somebody, and your heart told you to do something right for them, but you ignored it, that’s also a sin. The Bible makes this declaration. All of us have sinned or have not done something right. Nobody can stand before God and say I’m pure and perfect.

God demands perfection for you to be acceptable in His sight. He takes His Son— the judge- and instead of allowing him to judge and condemn Nicodemus while he is on earth for the first time. The judge left the judgment seat and became the punishment for Nicodemus.

Jesus became the penalty for your sin, and God is giving you a second chance to get things right between you and Him.