God sent His Son to be broken to heal our imperfect nature

Pastor Jeff Struecker

Today, what we’re going to talk about in theology and from the Bible is what happened to creation as a result of sin. Last week we looked at what happened to you and how all humans have been impacted and have been sentenced to death essentially because of that first sin.

The Bible will describe what happened to the rest of humanity for us vividly from Romans chapter five. I want to put Romans chapter five before you because instead of going all the way back to the very beginning when Adam and Eve did the one commandment God told them not to do. When they plunged humanity into sin, Not only were all of their children impacted by it, but everything that we see around us was also impacted by it.

And Romans 5:19 describes this for us. So will you memorize this verse from the Bible this week with the rest of 2 Cities Church? Here it is Romans 5:19.

Memory Verse

That one man’s disobedience is a reference to Adam, and the many that it talks about in both places in that verse is a reference to all of Adam’s Children. Everybody that will ever come after Adam. Me and you. 

The second “One Man” that the Bible describes is Jesus and because of Adam’s one sin, plunging all of humanity into sin and helplessness. The second Adam could do one act that would pull everybody out of sin and make everybody pure and righteous before God again. That second Adam is Jesus; the act is his sacrificial death on the cross and his bodily resurrection three days later. 

You see, I want you to look around the world, and I want you to notice that nothing is pure. There’s nothing absolutely perfect. There’s no absolute garden of Eden or paradise left anymore. And I want you to think about Adam’s first actions like a precious, priceless China vase. 

I have this little video clip, and it’ll only take 15 seconds. It’s a super slow motion of an arrow penetrating a vase. I want you to think about it this way: even if this vase were to fall off the table, let’s imagine that it’s absolutely priceless, can’t be replaced, and is one of the most valuable works of art in history. If it were to fall off the table and break just a little bit, the whole vase would still be broken. Sure, you could superglue it back. But anybody who looks close enough would know that thing’s been broken, and it’s not perfect anymore. 

Well, when Adam created the 1st sin, it probably felt like I just cracked it a little bit. I just chipped the vase a little bit. But in reality, what God says is, “No Adam, you shattered that vase like an arrow penetrating this vase into millions of pieces, and the ground itself, the sky, the birds, the animals, everything was impacted by your first sin Adam.” I want to put a challenge in front of you, and I want you to wrestle with this question personally. I want you to think hard and answer out loud.

A Challenge

Did you notice the words still in there? When God made Adam, everything about him was perfect. I want you to think about every aspect of who you are, what you look like, what you do, what goes through your mind, and the affections of your heart. And I want you to answer the question, ‘What about you is still perfect?’ 

And I think you’ll see that Adam broke that vase so bad that no part of me’s perfect anymore. Some parts are a little bit better than others. And on some days, I’m a better person than on other days. But there’s nothing left inside of me that’s perfect until Jesus comes back and makes perfect what Adam broke when he created that first sin.