Jesus' Heavenly Work: Saving and Interceding for You

Pastor Jeff Struecker

Some time ago, we discussed Jesus’s suffering on earth as the son of God. I believe that he was perfect and sinless, and no human being should endure what he suffered. And about four weeks ago, we discussed his exaltation, where he took his rightful place among humanity and the Father. He was restored to glory and began receiving the credit and respect he deserved. We talked about his resurrection and how he came out of the grave three days later, his ascension, and his current position in heaven, seated in power and prominence next to the Father.

So what is Jesus doing now in heaven? Because his spirit is here on earth doing what his holy spirit is supposed to do. The Bible answers this question specifically in Hebrews 7:25. We talked about this verse almost a year ago, but I want to teach this verse right now, and I want you to memorize this verse because this ought to help you this week when you’re hurting or struggling. It ought to be important to you when you’re confused and frustrated.

Memory Verse

Now there’s a ton of vital information in this verse, such as the phrase “save to the uttermost”. If you find yourself struggling in the ocean and someone throws you a life raft that you hold onto, that life raft becomes your savior, preventing you from drowning. That’s the exact language that the Bible is using.

Jesus is like a life raft in the ocean – when you cling onto him, you are saved from drowning. However, the language used in the Bible goes beyond this simple analogy. Jesus is capable of not only saving you from immediate danger, but also rescuing you from any possible hardship that you may face throughout eternity. Sometimes, he saves his people by taking them away from this chaotic world and bringing them to his heavenly abode, as was done with Elijah. This verse emphasizes that Jesus’ rescue is complete and all-encompassing.

And this verse was written long after Jesus had been resurrected and ascended to heaven. Nobody talks about Jesus being alive now; however, Hebrews 7 indicates that Jesus is still alive and actively doing something for you. The verse suggests that Jesus is not in the grave but is alive with the Father in heaven, where he intercedes for you. It means that Jesus is praying for you and standing between you and the Father, representing you and the Father to each other, which is particularly important because you have an enemy, Satan, who accuses you of your wrongdoings before God. But Jesus intercedes on your behalf and defends you against Satan’s accusations. In fact, Jesus’ prayers for you can make a significant difference in your life, as demonstrated by his prayer for Peter. So, now I have a question for you that I hope will have a profound impact on you. Whether you’re watching this with your family or discussing it with friends later, I want you to take a moment and think about this question.


The question is basically saying, are you struggling with something? Look, this is just between you and the Holy Spirit. Is there something you’re really wrestling with? Because you don’t have to wrestle with it on your own. You’ve got the power of the Holy Spirit right now available to you. If you are a genuine son or daughter of God, have Jesus at the right hand of the Father praying for you. Why don’t you get real with yourself? What do you need Jesus to pray for today?