Jesus Is: A Greater Prophet Than Moses

Pastor Jeff Struecker

Let’s look at the roles that Jesus had as God’s representative. Today, we’re going to look at Jesus as God’s prophet. He is the number one prophet of all the prophets that have ever lived. When people hear the English word prophet, they think of this guy who is predicting the future part of a prophecy, but prophecy is not only predicting the future. People like to call that part of prophecy foretelling or telling what will happen in the future. 

But there’s also another part of a prophecy. It’s just as important and doesn’t get a lot of attention; it’s called forthtelling. 

  • Foretelling– talking about the future.

  • Forthtelling– describing to people what’s happening right now.

If you were to read the prophet mentioned in the new testament, John the Baptist. What you’ll hear from John and all of those famous prophets from the old testament in the Bible is they spend a lot more time telling the people about their relationship with God right now. They spent much more time forthtelling than foretelling; here’s what God will do in the future.

I’m describing these two significant parts of prophecy because when you hear the word prophet, that prophet is really helping you to understand God and helping you to understand yourself. And the Bible declares that Jesus is not only God’s prophet, but Jesus is the prophet above all prophets. 

In fact, one of the greatest figures in the Bible is Moses. Moses is acting as the leader of Israel. Moses is acting like the priest of Israel. He’s the one who helps to prepare the tabernacle and the sacrifice and presides over the first-ever synagogue service in ancient Israel. Moses was also a very powerful prophet telling the people of Israel what would happen now and what God thought about it. What’s going to happen in the future and what God will do. Did you know that Moses says, “There’s about to come a prophet one day in the future, unlike anything you’ve seen from me.”

Memory Verse

There are a couple of really important statements that God makes in this verse. This is God speaking to the people of Israel through Moses, and He’s telling them, I’m about to send an amazing Prophet, and Moses can’t hold a candle to the prophet I’m going to send. This prophet will come out of Israel from Israel’s brothers, meaning that Jesus was a Jew speaking to the Jews when he showed up. But here’s what’s really important about this verse, God says I’m going to put my words in his mouth. When he speaks, what you hear is me talking because those are my words. That’s the greatest Prophet that’s ever lived and has the authority to speak God’s words.

Here are two very simple questions, but they’re actually pretty profound if you will stop and think about them before you answer the questions. Here’s the one question in two parts right here for you.

A Challenge

Has Jesus spoken to you? Prophet? Has he spoken to you about you? Has he spoken to you lately? Has he spoken to you ever and told you about you? The second half of this question is, has Jesus spoken to you about your future? And if you stop and think before you answer those questions, I think you will find two very powerful answers to those questions if you are humble and honest with yourself or your family when you answer them.