God’s greatest gift to humanity is His Son

Pastor Jeff Struecker

We’re studying as a church about Jesus, leaving heaven to become a human. That’s what Christmas is all about. Don’t get lost in all the shopping, lights, and tinsel. Keep that from causing you to miss the real reason for the season. We’ve been learning about how Jesus accomplished our salvation and how he was humiliated when he left heaven and came to Earth. He was mocked and despised when he was hanging on that cross. We learned how God dwelled with man. And today, we’ll take that idea and learn a little more. We’re going to learn about Jesus’ Kenosis today.

The first Christmas carol is found in Philippians chapter two, and it’s the bible’s way of teaching us what happened when Jesus left heaven and came to Earth. Well, there’s a very similar passage. I’m going to use 2 Corinthians 8:9 for you because I want you to hear this gift that God gave when He sent His Son, Jesus, to rescue you. And here it is:

Memory Verse

I want you to listen to the language of rich and poor. Jesus is the Son of God, who has all authority, and all power, which means he also has all of the possessions and resources of the universe. And he was willing to empty himself of some of those things and become a man. Well, I want to describe what this theological word ‘kenosis’ means because the word Kenosis comes directly from Philippians chapter two when it uses the sentence— Jesus emptied himself. Jesus had to empty himself of all the glory and honor he received in heaven as the Son of God. But he retained 100% of his godhead while he was on Earth. He just didn’t show off his God authority. 

Can I remind you? He is coming back again, and when he comes back again, he will come back in all of his glory with all of his praise, with all of his power, and no one will mistake who he really is. Now we give gifts during the Christmas holiday season. And if you ever wonder why we do this, it’s not because of the wise men who presented some gifts to Jesus to Mary at the birth of Jesus. It’s because of God’s great gift— the gift of His Son. 

Now I want to ask you a question about some gifts that you have received or maybe like the wise men, gifts that you’re willing to offer on Jesus behalf. So I will put a question, which is designed for you to think about and answer out loud. Here’s the question: 

Think about this for a second because he came to Earth and was willing to suffer. What did you get because of all of those things? And they’re true gifts, which means you didn’t earn it. You don’t deserve it, and you can’t pay him back. What gifts did you get because of Jesus’s kenosis?