Must we suffer for others?

Pastor Jeff Struecker

We will focus on Jesus’ suffering and how he went through an excruciating, brutal death that proves that he is a man and a God at the same time. If you’re a Christian, the Bible tells us that you have a future with God in heaven because of Jesus’s death and resurrection.

In fact, what happened in history for you and all of those who will come to Jesus in faith changes your future. Now let’s read a passage that comes from the prophet Isaiah. It comes from several 100 years before Jesus was born, and God told the prophet what it would be like when He sent His Son. Now I can’t help but wonder, did the people of the old testament miss this? Because by the time Jesus shows up on Earth, most people think he’s going to come as a rescuer or a conquering general on a white horse with a sword driving out the armies of God, and they missed this significant verse about who Jesus is.

He will be a conquering general; this was recorded hundreds of years before he was born, and this is recorded in Isaiah 53:5.

Memory Verse

You can’t miss this language from the Bible,

“I did wrong.”

“I rebelled.”

“I was an inequity, and God punished Jesus for what I did.”

That’s what happened in the past and because of what Jesus did for me. God took away my iniquities, and I can’t help but wonder how the old testament people missed this when the Bible described him as a suffering servant.

And because of his sacrifice, Isaiah 53 says, now we have access to God’s peace and a relationship with God. Now, I have a question for you, which is not an easy question.

Jesus suffered immensely in ways that no human being will ever understand because he was perfect and sinless and yet took on his shoulders our sins and was separated from his Father because of our sins. So here’s the question,


Since Jesus suffered for us, and he suffered for you, must we suffer for others? I want you to think about the second half of this question because it asks if there is suffering around you and if Jesus suffered for you, is it okay for you to go through life without ever suffering because of the struggles around you?

The must in this question is the critical word. So don’t replace the word must with, should we? I want you to wrestle with this word. Think about this, pray about this, and answer this.