Jesus’s Kingly office

Pastor Jeff Struecker

We were looking at the person and work of Jesus a couple of weeks ago. We told you that the first Adam, the first human being that God made, was pure and perfect, and he messed up everything else. So Jesus became the second Adam who came and fixed everything that the first Adam messed up.

We told you that Jesus was the prophet. He’s the one who can foretell and foretell what’s about to happen in the future. He’s the greatest of all the prophets. Last week we told you about Jesus, the priest who can stand in between God and man, represent God on man’s behalf, represent man on God’s behalf, and intercede between God and man.

Now, I want you to hear about Jesus, the King. There are many powerful statements about Jesus in the bible, but the statement I use all the time is King Jesus. I use that language on purpose because I want people who go to church to hear that he is the King of the universe, which means he’s the King who created the stars and rules over the stars. He’s the King who created the earth and rules over the earth. He’s the King that made you and rules over you. He is the King who puts the air you breathe into your lungs. He is the air we breathe, and everything we see belongs to him. He is the King. It’s part of his kingdom, which means he’s the ruler, and it all comes under his authority.

And even if you live in a country that doesn’t have a monarchy and no king is sitting on the throne, that doesn’t mean that there’s no king of your country. There is a King of the United States, and he doesn’t live in the White House at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. This King resides in heaven and rules over the universe, which includes the United States and you. I like to use King Jesus’s language to remind us that he is our King and we are his subjects, and a subject does what the king commands them to do. A subject loves to honor and bring glory to their king’s name. This language goes back as far as you can find in the bible that King Jesus is ruling over the world. In fact, John in the new testament says that before anything was created. Jesus was around, ruling. He was the ruler and the creator of the universe, and everything you see that’s created, was created through him, and for him, that’s talking about Jesus’s kingship.

There’s a very specific verse in Jeremiah that describes Jesus as King. This comes from Jeremiah 23:5.

Memory Verse

There’s a lot packed into this one verse. God is the one who is setting this King on the throne. This King comes from Israel. He comes from the family of David. He comes to rule. But here’s what I love about Jeremiah 23:5. It tells us what kind of King he is. He will administer justice and righteousness in the land. Your land is better when Jesus is on the throne and when a human steps in and takes Jesus’s place, stuff goes south quickly. I’m not condemning the countries that have a monarch. In society, your family, and your personal life, when Jesus is on the throne, he administers justice and righteousness, and when he’s not on the throne, stuff goes bad really fast.

And to drive this point home, I have a question for you. Here it is.

A Challenge

Is there any part of your life that you know,” Jesus, you’ve got most of me. But this little area over here, I don’t want you to touch that because I know that if you touch it, I will have to give something up?” Is there an area of your life that Jesus isn’t king over? I want you to think about it, pray, and answer it to yourself first. And then, if you’ve got the courage, answer out loud to a friend or a family member.