Saving A Thousand Souls from Doom

Pastor Jeff Struecker

We’ve been talking about the Holy Spirit. And when you hear the phrase “Holy Spirit” in the Bible, I want you to think about the spirit of Jesus, left on earth after he returned to heaven.

Today, we’ll focus on the Holy Spirit’s role in applying salvation. To explain this concept, consider the word “apply.” When driving a car, brakes are present, but the car won’t slow down until the brakes are applied by pressing the pedal. Similarly, although God has planned and Jesus has purchased salvation, it’s the Holy Spirit that applies it. We’ll explore how this works.

The word “applied” is really what we’re trying to understand today. How does the Holy Spirit apply salvation in the heart of a believer?

We ask you each week to memorize a verse of the Bible. I got a really short verse from the Bible this week, and this comes out of the Book of Romans. Here it is:

Memory Verse

The word “faith” that’s discussed in Romans refers to a saving faith that transforms your soul. This is the kind of faith that leads to being born again. According to Romans, this faith is an act that occurs when you hear and understand the word of God, either through reading the Bible or hearing a Christian’s testimony. The passage also emphasizes that without hearing, one cannot understand or have faith. Therefore, faith comes from hearing, and hearing comes from the word of God.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that the Bible is different. It’s a book with words on a page; however, what sets it apart is that the Holy Spirit takes those words and the testimony of a believer and gives them strength in someone else’s life. The Holy Spirit provides power to the words on the page or the witness of a believer. 

God’s Role in Salvation:

The Father plans.

The Son purchases.

The Holy Spirit persuades.

God’s role in your salvation begins with the Father, who planned it from the very beginning. In Genesis chapter three, God told Adam and Eve that their son would be wounded by the serpent, but would ultimately mortally wound the serpent. God’s plan was to send a rescuer, which He fulfilled through His son, Jesus Christ.

The Son’s role in salvation is to purchase it. Jesus had to pay a ransom with his blood in order to redeem and rescue us from sin, to clean us up and restore us to the perfect creation that God intended in Genesis chapter one. Jesus became the ultimate and last sacrifice that would purchase our salvation, and without the shedding of blood, our sins cannot be forgiven.

However, it is the Holy Spirit that persuades you to believe in Jesus, turn your soul over to him, and be changed. The Holy Spirit applies salvation in your heart, just as the brakes on a car only work when you apply them. Many people acknowledge the existence of God but live their lives without ever truly turning to him. It is only when you put your faith in Jesus and allow the Holy Spirit to work in you that you are saved.

The Bible teaches that the Holy Spirit plays a crucial role in convincing us to turn away from our sins and trust in Jesus for salvation. The Holy Spirit taps into our hearts and persuades us to reach out in faith. This is what the Bible means by the Holy Spirit applying God’s salvation to our hearts. Throughout history, every person who has genuinely trusted in God for salvation has been persuaded by the Holy Spirit in this way. As you think about how the Holy Spirit works in your own life, I have a question that I want you and your family to ponder this week.


I need to explain the phrase “your Gospel messenger.Every person who has come to faith in Christ has done so because the Holy Spirit prompted someone in their life to help them understand who Jesus is and what Jesus could do for them. That’s what makes that person their Gospel messenger. The Gospel simply means Jesus’s death as payment for our sins, and a messenger is someone who explains something to you that nobody else has explained before.

Now let me ask you this: what if that person had refused to obey the Holy Spirit? What if they had refused to talk to you and decided they didn’t care about you and didn’t want to be uncomfortable? What if they had never shared Jesus with you? What would your life be like right now? Hold onto that thought because I want to ask you another question: What happens to the billions of people on this planet if you and I don’t become Gospel messengers and tell them what someone has told us about Jesus and what he has done in our lives?

According to the Bible, you and I would be dead in our sins right now if someone had not shared Jesus with us. So, would you be willing to go out and share what Jesus has done for you with one person this week? Just go and tell one person what Jesus has done for you, and maybe the Holy Spirit will do in their life what he did in yours.