A Rainbow: God’s Promise to Us

Jeff Struecker

This week is about the works of God: how God works in his creation and how God wants to be in a relationship with people.

Last week, we learned that God uses nature and the Bible to explain who he is so that people can be in a relationship with him. We’re going to dive a little bit deeper and talk about how God uses nature to communicate himself to people who may never have seen the Bible or have never read one verse.

God uses a covenant of the law, and that law can be both written in the form of the Bible or unwritten in the form of the universe that he created.

Creation itself, all of the stuff that we see around us, helps people understand that God really does exist and how good of a God he is.

Watch the video above to see what I mean.

Memory Verse

I want you to ask your family to memorize the verse, Romans 1:20. The beginning and the end of the verse really do explain to us how everybody who’s ever lived has an understanding of who God is by just looking at the nature around them.

People who have never seen a Bible can find out who God is and know a lot about him by just looking at the nature around them. What Romans chapter one is teaching us is that every human being has nature, and nature is part of God’s law. It’s his unwritten law. And so, nobody can really stand before God and say, “Hey God, I have never even heard about you. I don’t know who you are, because I’ve never read the Bible.”

No. Nature itself is telling us about God.


I want to give you an exercise. Take your family outside, and point out how nature helps your family understand what God is like. Go outside and look at a tree or the blades of grass or a bird in the sky or the water that flows downhill. Talk about the seasons of nature.

Teach your family a little bit about the God who created that nature.