Our gift to reason is from Him and for Him

Pastor Jeff Struecker

We just started a brand new concept that we’re studying through this theological topic called human capacity. We’re in the broader context of the doctrine of humanity, or sometimes theologians will use this term, the doctrine of man. Now, if I say the doctrine of man, we’re not talking exclusively about boys. We are talking about mankind.

Last week, we looked at an introduction to the doctrine of humanity as we talked about human capacity. This phrase means that God made people different from animals. He made us different from the plants and trees and gave us some gifts.

I like to use gifts in the place of capacity. God has given us some gifts that set us apart from the rest of creation. These gifts are from God to humans. And last week, we started to learn that he gave us these gifts for a purpose.

We’re supposed to use these gifts, not in selfish ways. We’re supposed to use them to glorify God to help other people learn how amazing our God is.

Let’s discuss about Human reason. Some Bible scholars think this is the number one gift out of all the things that God gives us except for Jesus Christ. This is the number one gift that sets human beings apart from everything else in creation.

When I say human reason, I’m saying your ability to think through problems, go from one thought to the next, and arrive at a conclusion. There are a lot of similarities between animals and us, but many people will say this is the one thing that makes us different.

I want to help you understand why God gives us the gift of human reason. It comes from Acts 17:17. If you have children, would you ask them to memorize and practice this Bible verse when you’re sitting around the dinner table? Would you commit to memorizing Acts 17:17 because of what it says about this gift of human reason that God has given us? Here’s what the Bible says. He means the apostle paul.

Memory Verse

Did you notice the word reason? The Bible describes that God gave human beings the ability to think through problems and come up with solutions. Paul recognizes that, so when Paul talks to people who don’t follow Jesus. When he goes to the Jews, he goes to where they go to worship. When he goes to the gentiles, he goes to the place where they would go to worship. When he goes to the philosophers, he goes to the hilltops. And he uses human reason to explain why they should follow Jesus.

This is an example of God using the gift of reason to help people understand who he is. Maybe this is one of the reasons why those great Bible scholars believe this is the number one and perhaps the most important human capacity that God gives us.

This precious gift of reason distinguishes us from birds, fish, and animals. We can think logically and understand big concepts but consider this; God didn’t give us this ability for our selfish ends. He gave us the ability to reason for his glory. That’s why humans exist, and human capacities exist. And this is a question that I want you to answer honestly.

A Challenge

Remember, Acts 17:17, this ordinary guy, just like me and you, went and used what he understood about God and started to explain that to other people so that they would become followers of Jesus.

While I’m asking you, who have you done that with lately? Maybe you have a name that comes right to your head. Would you start to think about who you’ve reasoned, with, who you have used your words, and your thoughts about Jesus to help influence them?