Our soul should reflect the glory of God

Pastor Jeff Struecker

I am going to answer the question that has been burning in your mind for ages. Does God have a xerox machine?

We started talking a couple of weeks ago about human nature, about human beings being both body and soul. In fact, I used the Gatorade bottle of all things to describe this flesh and then the soul inside our flesh today.

I want to answer a question about the origin of the soul. Where does this soul that makes you “you” come from? Theologians have been answering or asking this question for a long time.

You see, the soul is what makes you you, what makes your personality, and what determines your emotions. It’s what makes you laugh when something’s funny. But the person next to you doesn’t laugh. It makes you love what you love when somebody else doesn’t love that. It is what is distinct and unique about you.

You can’t X-ray it, you can’t put your finger on it, but the soul is what makes you “you.” And then people started asking questions, “wait for a second, where does my soul come from?”

Some people believe that when God created back in the garden of Eden in Genesis chapter two when He breathed the breath of life into the first human into Adam, and Adam became a living soul. God just took a little bit of Adam’s soul and continued it forward to every human being that’s ever lived. Including you.

Some people believe that God creates an entirely new soul every time a baby is born, meaning what happens inside a mother’s womb is a miracle because a part of a man and a woman can come together in that womb. But only God can create a soul. Chromosomes can come together and create hair color and eye color, but only God can make a soul.

And here’s the million-dollar question, does God have a giant sole copy machine in heaven that He just hits the button and copies the original soul every time? Meaning, He takes Adam’s soul and copies it again and again.

Or does God create something new and unique every time a human being is born? When He created you, is it entirely new? Are you unique? If you’re trying to figure out the answer to this one. The bible is going to help you out from I Corinthians chapter 15.


Every week, we challenge you to memorize a scripture verse. And I’m going to put I Corinthians 15:45 because I think it answers the question we have.

Memory Verse

That first human being refers to Adam, while the last human being refers to Jesus.

If you notice in bold print, it’s quoting from genesis chapter two, how God created the first soul (Adam). And then it tells us the other souls come from the life-giving soul. They all come from Jesus.

The soul that makes you “you” didn’t come from your mother and father. It came from Jesus. Mom and dad can create chromosomes that will determine your hair color and height. But cannot make a human soul. That is a miracle that only God can do.

You’re so much of a miracle that God does something unique with you that no other human being ever existed on planet earth has ever been exactly like you, nor will anybody be like you. It’s an entirely new miracle every time a baby is born.

There’s an animated movie just came out not long ago called soul. And in this movie, the movie directors try to give you an idea of what is distinct or unique about a soul. And I want you to notice that the soul causes people to compliment one another or criticize one another. It’s not their flesh. It comes from their soul.

I want to give you a question, and I want you to answer the question aloud. Here it is.

A Challenge

You are your actions, your attitudes, and your affections. That’s what your soul is. It’s not just your flesh.

And I want to ask, how do those things today show the rest of the world how glorious our God is?