Overcoming fear and anxiety

Elspeth S.

 I had always had some faith in my life. I grew up attending Catholic church with my parents, but as I grew into adulthood my family stopped attending altogether. I was leading a life filled with anxiety and fear; this started very early in my childhood. I felt the need to control everything around me, hoping that would spare myself and others from experiencing disappointment or heartache. I was continuing to search for something to boost my faith, and as I lay in bed one night half asleep I was listening to some videos on YouTube.

This app will play suggested videos for you to listen to based on previous searches. I heard a man speaking about his faith and turning his life over to Christ. I specifically remember him speaking about his fear of death saying, “Either I go home to my family, or I go home to my father. Either way, I can’t lose!” I sat up immediately and thought, he is right!

Everything changed at that point, nothing would ever be the same. I prayed for Jesus to come into my heart and save me. I now experience peace and freedom in my life, something I had never felt before. Since giving my life to Christ, I have been able to cultivate a relationship with him and help others discover the love of Christ.