Pastor Jeff Struecker

I’ve been receiving a lot of questions lately about the ongoing fight in Israel, especially from fellow Bible-believing Christians who are wondering if this is somehow linked to prophecy. Let me try my best to answer this question because it seems like whenever something significant goes down in modern-day Israel, people start to ask if it’s somehow tied to prophecy.

The answer to that question is a conditional “yes” or “no.” Depending on your interpretation of the question.

Let’s keep in mind that the first-century disciples, who were the original followers of Jesus, believed that Jesus would return quickly during their lifetime. In fact, Paul criticized some of them because they had stopped working and were merely waiting, believing that there was no need to work if Jesus would return the next week or the next month. Today, we are 2,000 years closer to Jesus coming back than those first-century disciples are, so we should have an even stronger belief than theirs.

Now, are recent events such as the Hezbollah and Hamas attacks in Israel, which can be described as terrorist invasions, significant steps toward the end times? Yes, very likely. Is there a direct connection between these events and a specific occurrence mentioned in the Book of Revelation that will lead to the end times? Probably not, depending on your interpretation of such events.

I believe that throughout human history, especially concerning Israel and the emergence of a one-world government, the rise of the beast, the appearance of two prophets, and other events outlined in Revelation, various global occurrences are pushing us in that direction. Consider the Jewish Holocaust during World War II. Initially, no one saw it as a direct step towards the end times, but it ultimately led to the establishment of the Jewish state in 1948 and Israel’s return to the promised land—an event foreseen by prophecy. So, is the current situation in Israel a step closer to the end times? Yes. Is it a significant step that needs to happen? Very likely. Should we be more prepared today than the first-century disciples were for Jesus’ return? Absolutely.

Can we say that what we’re seeing on tonight’s news in Israel is directly related to verses in the Bible, such as those found in Daniel, Revelation, or Matthew 24? No, we cannot make that direct connection. However, I don’t have any issues with Christians observing the current news and feeling a sense of readiness. Being ready may include sharing the message of Jesus’ return with family and friends because we may not get the chance to do so.

It is my hope that we can all come together and pray for an end to the violence. Let us pray for the safety of innocent civilians who find themselves caught in the middle of this conflict. May we also pray for justice to prevail once the last bullets have ceased and the bombs have stopped falling. I hope these simplified points help clarify the current situation and its relation to biblical prophecy.