He will return as a Conquering King!

Pastor Jeff Struecker

Undeniably, Jesus is the king of the universe, and because he’s the king of the universe, he’s supposed to be the center of our world. He’s supposed to be the center of the universe. And when I use the word exaltation, it means that while Jesus was here on earth, he emptied himself of all of the glory and all of the honor he had in heaven. He subjected himself to life as a human being on earth and suffered in the most terrible and brutal ways, according to the Bible. And if you properly understand who Jesus is, it should get you to ask why he would do that. And the only answer that that should lead you to is because of his amazing, incredible love for you.  

When we get to the Christmas season, the word advent gets thrown around there, and the advent word means waiting or anticipating for something. In the early old testament, Christians anticipated for the coming Savior. Did you realize that there’s a second advent? That second advent is where you and I are waiting for the coming savior again.

Sometimes, theologians like to use this language we live in between the now and the not yet. 

The Now– Jesus’ first coming 

The Not yet– Jesus’ second coming. 

His first advent is a baby in the manger, and his second advent is as the king of the universe, the guy who will fix everything we messed up and restore everything broken in our world. And there is a powerful passage in the Bible found in the book of Revelation, chapter 19, that describes the second advent of Jesus as a conquering king.  

Memory Verse

What the Bible wants to say is, not only was Jesus the lamb of God that was slain from the foundations of the earth, but he is also the King of kings and the Lord of lords. And right now, we’re living in that in between time.

Jesus Christ is sitting right now at the right hand of the Father, and one day will come again. He’s waiting to restore everything that was broken and fix everything we messed up. We are in between the first and the second advent, which is why I want to ask this question.


I’m not just asking about his hair color or the clothes that he was wearing. I’m asking what is different in the universe. What’s different in your world about the first coming as a baby in a manger and the second coming as the rider of the white horse with a tattoo on his thigh that says King of kings and Lord of lords? What’s the big difference in your life?