The passivity of a believer fosters the sin of omission

Pastor Jeff Struecker

We have talked about Adam for the last couple of months, and Adam has made a royal mess of things. Not only did he mess things up for him, but he also messed things up for all of his children.

However, he did not just mess things up for people. Last week we learned that Adam messed up the earth itself, and even the birds, fish, animals, and mountains are no longer paradise because of Adam. But we’re not going to talk about Adam anymore. We’re going to talk about me, and we’re going to talk about you. We’re going to talk about my sin and your sin. I’m not going to get graphic with you, but I want you to understand what sin really is and how bad you and I have been impacted by it personally.

We will talk about actual sin today, not just about what Adam did, but what we do or don’t do, I’m going to put a verse below, and by the way, this verse should freak you out a little bit. It should make you have a little bit of a nervous twitch because it does me too. The bible talks about sin, and chances are when you’ve heard a preacher use that word sin. You’ve listened to them talk about the naughty things that people do, which is true; that is sin. But that’s just not— the whole picture.

James tells us the rest of the story about sin. Sin is more than just the bad things that we do. In fact, I got a short verse, which means it’ll be easy for you to memorize this week. I want you to memorize this first, and I want you to keep reminding yourself of this verse this week.

Memory Verse

What the bible is saying is every time you have this inclination in the back of your mind. Every time you had this thought come across your mind of doing something good, but you chose not to do it. To say something nice, but you decided not to say it or maybe offer some help, but you didn’t offer it. James says every time you didn’t do that thing— it was a sin.

Sin is not just the bad things that we do. But the bible says even when we don’t do good things that we know we’re supposed to do, those are sins too.

I’m telling you that sin is much bigger than just the bad things we do. It’s also not doing good stuff, and to be honest, when I look at my life, it gets a little bit scary about the amount of times that I know deep inside I should do something good, and I don’t do it. So I’m going to put a challenge for you.

A Challenge

Would you focus more on doing good than avoiding bad? If you’re like me, I spend a lot of my time trying not to do bad things, but maybe I focus more on trying not to do bad than on doing good things. And I believe that if you focused on doing good, you wouldn’t have time to do the wrong things. So would you commit right now? I will focus my energy and thoughts on doing good instead of just avoiding bad.