The miracle of Jesus’ birth

Pastor Jeff Struecker

It’s the Christmas season. I hope you got amazing gifts last week. I hope you had a great time and built some memories you’ll keep with you for the rest of your life. Let’s discuss about Jesus’s virgin birth. Jesus was born unlike any other human being that’s ever come onto the planet.  

At the time of Jesus’s birth, there were people who watched the night sky and tried to find the hidden meaning in the movement of the stars and planets. These people were called magi, and sometimes we call them wise men. After Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judea, during the time of King Herod, magi from the East came to Jerusalem. They were looking for the newborn king of Jews, which worried King Herod; if anyone was the king, it was Herod. He asked the religious leaders where this messiah was to be born. They told him Bethlehem. Herod asked them to report the child’s location so he could also worship him, but Herod didn’t really want to worship Jesus. He wanted to kill Jesus. After they heard the king, they went on their way, and the star they had seen when it rose went ahead of them until it stopped over the place where the child was. 

When they saw the star, they were overjoyed on coming to the house. They saw the child with his mother, Mary, and they bowed down and worshiped him before they could go back to Herod. An angel warned the magi of Herod’s evil plan. The angel told them not to return to Jerusalem. So they went back to their country by a different route. 

Listen, we’re describing our salvation and what it takes for us to be rescued from our sins. And part of that theological topic tells us that God had to leave heaven and dwell among us as a man to rescue us; that’s what we called the incarnation a few weeks ago. And before that, we talked about Jesus being humiliated. He gave up all of that glory and all of that authority in heaven to come to earth and then was mocked, misunderstood, and brutally beaten on a cross. He went through all that just to rescue me and you from our sins. Let me put a verse of scripture to help us understand the language about Jesus’s virgin birth. For thousands of years, Christians have said, “We believe that he was born different.” 

God didn’t have a sexual relationship with Mary and get her pregnant. That’s not how this happened. The Bible uses mysterious language; It says that the Holy Spirit placed an embryo into Mary’s womb while she was still a virgin. And when she gave birth, she was still a virgin who had never been with a man. So, I’m going to put Isaiah 7:14. 

Memory Verse

I’ve already told you the word Immanuel means God dwelling with us. That technical language means God pitched a tent next to us because He loves hanging out with His friends and His people. So just like you would go pitch a tent at a campsite so that you could hang out with your friends and your people, God pitched a tent and dwelt among us. Tents are very temporary, so He dwelt with us temporarily. But He pitched His tent in the form of Jesus, and Jesus was conceived of a virgin. 

Can you imagine the concern, the fear, the danger going through Mary’s mind when she learned, “I’m going to have a baby in my country. In my culture, they’ll kill me if they learned that a woman got pregnant and is not married.” And Mary learns she’s about to have the most important human being to ever step foot on earth as her baby. And she’s going to have to carry this child and keep him safe until he can take care of himself. So when we think about the Christmas gifts this season, I want you to think about how precious but how vulnerable that baby was when Mary was carrying Jesus around in her womb, and I hope you really did get some amazing gifts. I hope you got some gifts you’ll treasure for the rest of your life. And we talked about gifts that the wise men brought to honor King Jesus. And we talked about how we should be willing to give some of our gifts back, that maybe time, perhaps your abilities, or maybe your resources, whatever it is, that you should be willing to give back to Jesus. Well, I have a question for you. 


Obviously, He doesn’t need your money or your abilities, but He gave you some resources, talents, abilities, opportunities, and skills. Can you turn around and use some of what Jesus gave you and give it back to Him as a gift this week?