The character of the fall

Pastor Jeff Struecker

We talked about Adam, who committed the first sin over the last couple of weeks. Today, we will struggle with what we call the character of the fall. What happened as a result of Adam’s original sin when humanity fell from God and the perfection that God created back in the garden of Eden? 

Well, we’re going to deal with that question. And in order to deal with that question, we’ve got to turn to the ultimate source. We’re gonna turn to the bible. In fact, I want you to memorize the bible with me today, Romans chapter five describes in great detail who Adam is and what kind of responsibility he had over all of his children that would come after him. It also talks about the 2nd Adam, the greater of the two Adams, Jesus, our king. 

Memory Verse

This verse describes what happened as a result of Adam’s first mistake, and by the way, all human beings, everyone who’s ever lived, have been impacted by Adam’s mistake. But if you read the bible carefully, you’ll see not just the humans, but Adam’s sin has impacted everything around us. 

And if you are going to ask, why have I been impacted by Adam? It doesn’t seem fair. If you’re thinking, it doesn’t seem fair that his mistake would affect me today. I’ve got a short video clip from a Discovery Channel about a mother and daughter getting together and having a little picnic outside. These two are drinking tea and eating fried Oreos. I’ve never had a fried oreo in my life. Nothing about that sounds good to me. I don’t want to eat fried Oreos. But if I were even to attempt to eat a fried oreo, the last thing that I would like to do is sip some tea with it. It seems like these two are at the polar extremes of one another. 


Well, I want to ask the question, why would a daughter and a mother sit down and drink tea and eat fried Oreos together? And actually, there’s a theological question that I want to ask about this picnic that they’re doing right outside the house. The question is, in what way do you share your parents’ likes, or in what way do you sure share your parents’ dislikes? 


A Challenge

You see, this daughter served her mother tea and fried Oreos because she knew her mother likes tea and fried Oreos. This daughter eats fried Oreos and drinks tea because she shared her mother’s likes and whether you want to or not, chances are you’ve inherited a little bit of your parents’ likes. You might have inherited some of the things they dislike, and you had no control over them.

Well, you also inherited some things from your first parent, Adam, and you didn’t have any control over it, and you might not even think it’s fair. But just like you inherited some things from your mom and dad. You also inherited some things from Adam.