The Civil reason why the Law of God exists

Pastor Jeff Struecker

Last week we introduced you to three reasons why God has given law in the bible, a set of rules or commandments in the Bible. Today, we are going to start talking about the first reason, the civil use for the law.
Let’s talk about one of the primary reasons why God gives a set of rules in the Bible. Because like you, I sometimes know the rules and don’t want to follow the rules and sometimes it feels like his rules are restricting me.
We want to look at what God’s rules do in society. Civil means the city or the country or society you find yourself in. Did you know that the Bible even tells us why God gave his rules in the first place? It was for the good of all mankind, not just for people that would become Christians, but to help every human being learn how to live together.
Imagine a world where people didn’t have any rules and could do whatever they want. The Bible even tells us. That’s one of the reasons why God gave his law and it tells us this in 1st Timothy. Would you memorize this verse of the Bible? Would you put it in your mind and lock it in your heart? So that later on, when you are in a situation and you don’t have a bible in front of you, you can bring this verse up from memory.

Memory Verse

You see, what the Bible is describing for us right now, is that why God needs to give us laws. If all of us always did what was right all the time, we would not need a set of rules in the first place.

God recognized that when people started to rebel, our hearts became hard and our hearts started to want to do what was wrong. “I just admitted my heart wants to do what’s wrong sometimes and I don’t even need to know you, to know that your heart wants to do what is wrong and you know in your head it is wrong, but your heart wants to do it anyway.”

But what the Bible is describing for us, is one of the reasons why God gives a set of rules on how people are supposed to live is for hearts that are rebellious and for people that know, it’s not right, but they want to do what’s wrong, even though they know it’s not right.

The law is for people who do not have the right hearts with God. I want you to think about the law. Like the rules on how to live your life. It’s kind of like a board game or a video game, every board game, every video game has a set of rules, you wouldn’t be able to play a game. If there were no rules whatsoever, you wouldn’t even be able to play a game against yourself. If there were no rules.

God created human life. God created societies where people will come together and live together. And one of the things that makes it possible for people to live together in harmony is that all of us follow rules.

You follow a rule whenever you drive your car and you stay on one side of the road so that the people in the opposite direction will stay on the other side of the road and we don’t crash into each other headfirst.

Just like chess has rules. Every game has rules. Life itself has rules and what the Bible’s teaching us, is that God gave rules so that people would know how to live in harmony with each other. Even if you don’t believe in a God following the rules helps people, following God’s rules, helps people live in harmony with each other.

A Challenge

I got a challenge for you. If you’ve got family around, I want you to talk about the answer to this question as a family. If it’s just you by yourself. I want you to think about it. I want you to take this question in your mind as far as you can take it.

What do you think life would be like in a lawless country? See what I’m trying to do, is to tell you all of us live following a set of rules.

Maybe we don’t even recognize that we’re following rules, but there’s no way that two human beings can live together in harmony if there are no rules. This is the civil reason why the law of God exists.