The Divinity of Jesus Christ

Pastor Jeff Struecker

If you’ve been with us for a while, we’ve been talking about Jesus theologically. The topic is called Christology, the study of Jesus Christ. Well, over the past several weeks, we’ve discussed the titles and the metaphors that the bible uses for Jesus. And then, last week, we started looking at Jesus’s nature. 

Today, we’re going to look at Jesus as God; what’s referred to in the bible is the divinity of Jesus. But I guess I need to say this to you. This has been a real challenge for people, even the most sincere and faithful followers of Jesus over the centuries, because they really wrestled with the idea of Jesus being God in the flesh. 

I will give you a verse to read. I want you to memorize this verse, and I want you to hide it in your heart, and maybe this verse will help you when you’re struggling, personally or spiritually. Here it is on the screens:

Memory Verse

People have struggled, and we talked about a few heresies people have believed over the centuries. The word heresy means false teaching or false doctrine that people have believed. The problem that comes out with that is some people say, was Christ a little bit man and a little bit God? or a whole lot God and a little bit of man? Or was he all the way God and only part way man? And it gets confusing. 

I want to be honest some of these heresies are people trying and struggling to figure it out. Lots of people over a couple of 1000 years have wrestled with this. How can he be 100% all the way man and 100% all the way God at the same time?

All Christians through the ages have agreed that Jesus is God. He was God while he was walking on earth. He was a God while hanging on the cross and still is God. He is in heaven, ruling over all of creation to this day. Now let me tell you about two heresies that have popped up. 

The first heresy about Jesus’s divinity is a word called Ebionism. Jesus was filled with the Holy Spirit and lived this pure, perfect life, and because he lived this perfect life, God rewarded him with like deity status. And look, I want to recognize that they are right that the Spirit led Jesus and that he was pure and perfect. But, they just got it wrong when they said that God ‘rewarded’ Jesus was something like he didn’t have that all along. 

The second heresy is the word Arianism, and the idea of Arianism is that Jesus was divine but not all the way divine. He was a little bit God, but not all the way God. What I’m saying to you is Jesus was 100% God. He was 100% man and 100% God when he was born in the manger until he was hanging on that cross for your sin and mine. The proof that he was 100% God was when they placed him in a tomb three days after he was dead. He has the power over life and death over eternity by coming back out of that tomb alive.

If you are a parent, why don’t you answer this question with your children so that you’re learning about Jesus together? Here’s the question:

A Challenge

Now, I want to give you a little background. Maybe your favorite superhero is superman, and he’s really strong. Well, how is Jesus stronger than superman? How is Jesus smarter than Iron Man, who is also very smart? I want you to think about your favorite superhero, and what it is that makes them super. Then I want you to think about Jesus and his qualities and characteristics, and chances are you’re going to find that he is more powerful and greater than all of the greatest attributes of your superheroes.