The Effects of the Fall on Creation

Pastor Jeff Struecker

We’ve been talking about this depressing topic of sin. In fact, I’ll be honest with you; I can’t wait to get this behind me. And chances are you’re feeling that way too. The good news is that today is the last week we’ll talk about it. We’re going to move on to something more fun to talk about. But we got to dwell for a second on the impact of sin and creation.

Here’s how we will wrap up this theological discussion about the impact of sin. We’re going to talk about what happened to the world around us as we look at this question today, and if you are a passionate follower of Jesus, I’m going to ask you this question. It’s a simple question, and you should answer it yes or no. Do you believe that God deserves all glory? And do you believe that God deserves glory not just from His people but from every aspect of creation? If your answer is yes, then you are absolutely right.

But here’s the problem. When Adam and Eve sinned, they took God’s glory for themselves, and God no longer got the glory in their life, but not only in their life. I asked you if you believe everything should give God glory and your answer was yes. Well, not only Adam and Eve were impacted, but everything around us was impacted. And now the creation itself, which was made by a perfect God and was supposed to give glory to God, doesn’t glorify Him the way it’s supposed to.

And if you don’t believe me, I’ll prove it to you from the book of Romans 8:20. In fact, I’m going to ask you to memorize this verse.

Memory Verse

Romans 8:20 is a reference to Adam. The word futility in this verse refers to the impact or the brokenness that Adam brought to this world when he committed the first sin. And the verse even says it’s not the world’s fault because what God made is pure, and what God’s made is perfect. It’s Adam’s fault.

By the way, if you keep reading, this isn’t the end of the story. I saved this verse for the end of this chapter in theology when we’re talking about the effects of sin. But if you were to read on to the rest of verse 20. There are few more words here, and in verse 21, you’ll hear that Jesus came along and rescued all of humanity; only Jesus could rescue all of humanity.

To some degree, everything you see around you has been touched by sin, which means try as hard as possible on your yard work and as hard as you can in your home or business. You will never arrive at perfection. Perfection is impossible because the world and all of the world’s people have become imperfect due to Adam’s sin.

In fact, I want to ask you, when was the last time you were someplace perfect? Where was the last time you went somewhere that was this far away from perfect? And chances are you’re going to struggle with this answer.

So let me ask it this way. Here’s my question for you.

A Challenge

Maybe for you, it was a beach vacation. Perhaps you went to the mountains or had fun with friends in their backyard. But chances are if you looked hard enough, you started to notice that some things weren’t perfect and paradise was no longer paradise anymore.