The names of Jesus Christ in the Bible

Pastor Jeff Struecker

We’re going to talk about Jesus, my favorite subject in the world to talk about. And about two weeks ago, we started talking about the person and work of Jesus, who is Jesus. That was the topic that we began to talk about last week. And eventually, we’ll get to what Jesus did while he was on earth. The work of Jesus will be coming in a few weeks. But today, we’re going to talk about names.

There are plenty of passages from the beginning of the Bible (Genesis chapter three) to the last words of the Bible in Revelation 22. The Bible is full of references to Jesus and often uses references or names like Messiah. Jesus even has a favorite name he uses for himself; the Son of man. The Bible calls him the Son of God and many other names in one particular verse in the old testament. Several names for Jesus are mentioned in this verse, but before we get to that verse from Isaiah, I want to tell you something about how names worked in Bible times in the United States.

Today, people choose the craziest names for their children. Sometimes they named them after famous people like sports stars and athletes. Sometimes they choose names because they’re unique, and these names are supposed to be the thing that is unique and different about them. There are all kinds of reasons why parents choose a particular name. Some families hand a name down from generation to generation. But that’s not how “names” worked in the Bible.

In Bible times, names are designed to talk about the person’s character. This means you chose a name because of who and what kind of person they would be. There are titles listed for Jesus, and one of my favorite verses in the Bible comes from Isaiah chapter nine. And in this one verse, the Bible uses several titles or names for Jesus. I want you to memorize this verse because each name is significant. Here it is:

Memory Verse

Look, you don’t need me to go into a sermon on each one of those names. But I want you to notice that we’re talking about one guy, and then I want you to notice the kind of names. If a name were supposed to represent the character and the type of person they would become. Then I want you to see the terms we just had here; wonderful, mighty, and eternal. Those are really big, beautiful descriptors of the counselor who speaks directly to your soul of the mighty God. It doesn’t just use the word God; the Bible wants us to know he is a Mighty God or the God above all gods.

He is sometimes referred to as the King of kings and the Lord of lords. The Bible calls him the eternal Father and also the Prince of Peace. God himself is eternal, and then God leaves heaven and steps down on Earth. And last week, I asked you to wrestle with how an eternal God who has no beginning is actually born of a virgin and lives a temporary life here on Earth. And the Bible also calls him the Prince of peace, meaning all peace ultimately belongs to Jesus. And if you really want peace, pursue Jesus. When you find Jesus, you also find peace.

Now there are a lot of names that people tend to use for Jesus. But I like to refer to him as King Jesus because he rules and has Dominion. His Dominion just happens to be the heavens, the Earth, and the entire universe. All of that is his kingdom.

I like to refer to him as King because only a king can demand the loyalty of his subjects. I like to refer to him as my King because he is a king that is worthy of following. Do you have a favorite name for Jesus? In fact, this is the thing that I want you to think and talk about.

A Challenge

What is your favorite name for Jesus, and why is that your favorite? Why do you tend to use that name for Jesus more than others?