The Peace of Spending eternity with God

Len M.

Once Jeff and I were married and started to live together, I could see that there was something different about Jeff that I hadn’t fully noticed before we married. That something was his relationship with Jesus. He lived every day with a peace that surrounded him even in the middle of difficult circumstances. I would go to sleep at night praying that God would give me the same peace as I saw in Jeff’s life.

One Sunday, I heard the pastor say, “Are you 100% sure that you’ll spend eternity with Jesus?” During dinner that night, I asked Jeff that same question and he immediately said yes. He then asked me what my answer was and I remember saying, “I think so.” Jeff said that wasn’t good enough. I needed to know in my heart that I would go to heaven when I died. I thought about what he said and as we got ready for bed that night I asked Jeff if he would pray with me. We then knelt by the side of our bed and I asked Jesus to come into my heart and save me from my sins. I immediately felt a peace come over me that has never left me since that night.

Since giving my life to Christ, I have continued to grow in my relationship with Him. I study His Word and spend time with Him every day.