Your personal sin is much more than just doing something wrong

Pastor Jeff Struecker

We have been studying a bunch of big theological topics in the Bible. Last week, we zoomed out and talked about sin as it affects all of society’s structural sin. Well, this week, we’re going to zoom in, and we’re going to take a look at personal sin. And when I talk about personal sin, I’m talking about you and me.

I want to put you at ease about what you’ll hear today. I’m not going to wag my finger, point the blame and try to make you feel guilty. I want you to have a Biblical understanding of sin, its impact on us, and our relationship with God. And now I want us to get honest about personal sin. If you’re like me, if you grew up in a home hearing about Jesus or if you grew up in a church, you probably heard the word sin, it is ultimately doing something wrong and breaking the law of God.

But I want you to think a little bit bigger about the idea of sin today. When we talk about sin, I want you to think about not just doing something wrong, but I want you to think about sin as not doing something right as well. You see, there are basically two types of personal sin in the Bible. One type is a sin of omission. You didn’t do what you were supposed to do. The second type is the sin of commission. You did what you knew you weren’t supposed to do. But maybe a bigger way of thinking about sin is to think about the person of God, the holiness of God, and who He created human beings to be.

Our hearts were supposed to be pure. Our hearts were supposed to be perfect. Our hearts were supposed to love perfectly, and the Bible tells us that sin impacted all of us. In fact, I got a very short Bible verse that I’m going to ask you to memorize. Really. This is one of those verses that all Christians need to have memorized because this comes up in a lot of conversations. It comes from Romans 3:23.

Memory Verse

Would you commit that verse to memory? And when you memorize it this week, would you replace the word with your name, your neighbor, your sweet grandmother, or the best person you know because there is not one human being on earth that can say I’ve never done anything wrong. When we think about sin, I want you to think about it as a condition of the heart. And to drive that idea home, I’ve got a short video that tells us that God commands us to love perfectly like He loves. And when we think about loving the way God loves and then compare that to how our heart loves, we’ll see that quickly. We don’t measure up to that kind of love. God made you to be a representative of Him on earth. And the original blueprint for men and women was to represent Him perfectly. So now I want to ask you an honest question, and I want you to think about this question and answer this question.

A Challenge

I wanted you to think about your day yesterday. Is there a little area of my life where I didn’t love God and didn’t love like God the way I’m supposed to? And when you start to think about it in those terms, it becomes really obvious that you and I sinned yesterday because none of us can say I perfectly loved all day long exactly like I’m supposed to. I loved God like I’m supposed to and loved people like I was supposed to yesterday, which means we all need God’s forgiveness and grace.