The Son learned obedience through suffering

Pastor Jeff Struecker

In our Midweek Worship broadcasts, we’ve been discussing the topic of Jesus’s obedience

This means that while Jesus was on Earth, he had to follow his father despite his status and authority perfectly because, according to the bible, without a sinless sacrifice, you and I can’t be made right with God.  

Perfect Lamb of God

God’s Passover lamb has to be perfect, and the bible refers to Jesus as the lamb that was slain from the foundations of the Earth to rescue us from our sins, so Jesus practiced obedience. 

Which seems strange to you because why would the teacher have to do what a student does? Why would the master have to do what a servant does? Why would the king have to do what his subjects must do? This is because Jesus is our example, and he is righteous. 

And there’s a verse from Hebrews that describes Jesus’s obedience and how much that impacted our relationship with God, so will you commit this verse to memory? Here it is:


Memory Verse

The Son learned obedience, and Hebrews tells us he learned it through suffering. 

Jesus’s Righteousness

What the bible is describing here is Jesus’s righteousness. The word righteous means being in a right standing with God. It’s more than doing the right things; it’s a matter of having a right relationship with God. And the bible tells us that the only righteous people ever to walk on Earth of their own is God’s first creation— Adam and Eve in the garden. They have this pure and innocent relationship with God because they have never experienced sin, but when sin entered the equation, all of humanity was no longer righteous.  

In fact, the prophet Isaiah says this: “Our best attempts at righteousness are like filthy rags in God’s sight.” Which means we have no righteousness of our own. So Jesus left heaven, came to Earth and suffered even to the point of death on the cross to make us righteous with God the father again. He obeyed to fix all of those wrong things and to clean up our relationship with God; without Jesus’s perfect life, death, and resurrection, we have no righteousness of our own. 

But, when we stand before God, having been adopted into His family by the blood of Jesus; we have been made righteous, declared righteous, given the righteousness of Jesus. And when God sees us now, He no longer sees our sin but the perfect obedience of His Son. 

And that makes Jesus worth more than anyone or anything that will ever come your way. 

I’ve got a question for you, and this question is designed to help you understand your relationship with God and how that relationship works. 


If Jesus never came to Earth, if there was no cross, if there was no easter tomb or Christmas morning, and if it was just humans trying to get to heaven on their own, how good do you have to be? In other words, what does perfect righteousness look like?