The Theological reason for the law of God

Pastor Jeff Struecker

Today, we’re going to talk about God’s law and we’re going to pick up right where we left off last week, we’re going to talk about one of the reasons why God gives law.

Now, when I say law, I’m talking about rules in the Bible. Think about the 10 Commandments or some of the thou shalt or thou shalt not verses of the Bible. If you package all of those things together, we’re talking about the Law of God.

One of the reasons why the law of God exists is the theological reason for the law of God. The theological reason for the law of God is referred to in big Greek names as the pedagogue. A logical reason, or the Olympic reason.

Scholars have been studying this reason for the law of God for a long time and basically what this reason for the law of God. The reason why the law of God exists. One of those three primary reasons is that the law is supposed to teach us something.

At the beginning of the Bible, when God originally made human beings. The first two people, God made them pure, he made them perfect with no sin. They have hearts that were always set to do what was right. Our very first parents, Adam and Eve committed a sin and their hearts became broken, and now, you and I have inherited the disease of sin that was passed down from us, all the way from our first ancestors.

But because you and I have inherited a heart of sin, that means you and I have hearts that will sometimes want to do what we know we’re not supposed to do.

I mentioned last week, one of the reasons why the law of God exists in society is so that two human beings can live in harmony with one another. The law sets some rules that keep us from killing each other.

Let me talk about why the law exists for Christians. It’s called the theological use of the law. And the reason why we call it the theological use of the law is, this is the Bible’s way of teaching our hearts what’s right. Because the Bible describes hearts that are bent towards sin and those hearts need to be corrected. The Bible says in Romans chapter three about this.

Memory Verse

Would you commit this verse to memory? Because we all need our hearts to be taught every day how to live in such a way that honors God. His holy spirit teaches us how to honor God. Watching other good Christians teach us how to honor God, praying teaches us how to honor God. But the primary way that we learn how to honor God is by reading the Bible by following the Bible.

I want you to notice that Romans chapter three is saying that our hearts are not right and all of our hearts need to be taught what is right. So the theological use of the law is where the Bible teaches sinners what it means to live right and here’s what’s going to happen. As you start to learn what it means to live right. You’re going to start to notice that the more you read the Bible, the harder you try to put what you read into practice, the harder it is because the more you’re going to start to realize your heart doesn’t line up with what the bible says.

My heart is supposed to line up with my heart that doesn’t love what the Bible says. It’s supposed to love what the bible says, “I’m not supposed to love.” So my heart needs to be taught again, almost every day or all day long how to love what God says. It’s supposed to love now to soften your heart for you to express your heart and your love to God.

We’re trying to admit that my heart doesn’t always love what the Bible says. That’s why we need a teacher to teach our hearts. That’s why God has given the law as a theological teacher to teach our hearts what is right.

So now I’m going to ask you a question. It’s a pretty easy question to answer. But I want you to think about it from God’s perspective. You see when people do wrong, sometimes they don’t know that they’re doing wrong.

It doesn’t make it right if you didn’t know that what you were doing is wrong, you still did wrong, but you didn’t know it and then there’s sometimes when people know that it’s wrong, but they do it anyway.

Our head knows that it’s wrong, but our heart wants to do it. And so our heart does what our head knows is wrong anyway.

A Question

Here’s the question that I want you to answer. Which is worse, not knowing what you do is wrong or doing what you know is wrong? Think about it for just a second, because if you’re honest, my heart and your heart sometimes know that this is wrong and does it anyway. Sometimes my heart knows what’s right to do, but I don’t do it.

And from God’s perspective, you’ve got to wonder which is worse to God. A heart that doesn’t know to do good or do wrong, or the heart that knows it’s wrong and does it anyway?

You see what the Bible is telling us is, the law is there to teach us. It’s to teach our hearts because it’s still wrong. Even if you don’t know that it’s wrong. But when you know it’s wrong, and you do it anyway, I’ll just give you the answer. It’s worse. And that’s why our hearts need to be changed by the blood of Jesus and our souls need to be made alive. The soul that is dead and hearts of stone need to become alive and be made new for the first time by a supernatural work of God’s mercy and his grace, I hope you’ll wrestle with the theological use of the law every time you think about your heart and realize “I don’t always do in my heart what I know I should do, and sometimes I do what I know in my heart, I shouldn’t do.” And that’s why you need the law of God.