God gives us choices and calls on us to choose the Godly path

Pastor Jeff Struecker

We started looking at a theological topic called human capacities. These are the gifts that God gives humans that separate us from all of the rest of the creation. 

Human Capacities:

  • Human Reason

  • Human Emotion

  • Human Will

Look, there are a lot of similarities between us and monkeys and between dolphins and humans. There are a lot of things that are similar between humans and other parts of creation, but there are a few things that are different. 

We talked about human reason and human emotion. Today, we’re going to talk about the “Will.” In this discussion today on the Human Will, we’re will look at a bible verse from Ecclesiastes, but basically when I use the word, will. It’s not just something that you think about, it’s not even something that you desire. The will is basically why you do what you do. 

There’s a book in the old testament called Ecclesiastes written by what the bible describes as the second wisest man that ever lived, literally, the wisest man, of course, is going to be Jesus. But when the bible talks about Solomon, nobody was wise like him that’s ever lived before him and probably will not be anybody in the history after him. 

Solomon wrote a bunch of little proverbs in the bible, these wise sayings that we should live our life by. He wrote a book in the bible called the Song of Solomon where he describes love, the love between a man and a woman. It’s a beautiful book of the bible. Solomon also wrote this book called Ecclesiastes and in this book, he deals honestly with how life is and not how life should be. 

Solomon makes this fascinating statement about the human will in Ecclesiastes chapter 7. I will give you a verse and I’d like for our entire church and everybody connected with us to commit this bible verse to memory. It comes from Ecclesiastes 7:29. And here’s what the Wise Solomon says. 

Memory Verse

Now you’ve heard the backstory about why this book exists. You’ve heard a little bit of information about who Solomon is, but I want to describe this verse in a little bit more detail. He’s saying God originally created Adam and Eve to be pure and holy and without error or without sin. And then they were tempted and they gave into that temptation so they broke this pure, holy, beautiful vessel that God created, and ever since that moment, every child that’s ever come from Adam and Eve that came born of a woman has been broken by sin. 

Solomon is saying, God originally created humans to be perfect and then we started following our own schemes. Isn’t that word scheme fascinating to you? Because basically what that word is saying is that you have a will, I have a will and our will doesn’t always line up with God’s will.

In fact, sometimes we don’t do what we should do because we don’t want to and even in our hearts, we know what we should do but we don’t do it, simply because we do not want to do it.

One of the greatest spiritual men in the new testament, the apostle Paul even made that statement when he said the things that I know I should do, I don’t do those, and the things that I know I shouldn’t do, I do those things. And then he uses this phrase, oh, what a wretched or what a terrible man I am. 

Now, let me just get honest with you, the human will is the thing that pulls us to do something. It’s a kind of desire attached with ability. So we see good and we have the ability to do good. If our will wants to do good, we do good. Where we see wrong and we know we have the ability to do wrong, we look around and we know that nobody else is watching, our will wants to do wrong. And even in the back of our minds, we know it’s wrong, we do it anyway. 

I think getting the will under control, if I can be totally honest with you right now is the single greatest struggle in my life. It’s the one thing that I have been working on for my entire life and some days it feels like I haven’t made a whole lot of progress at all that my will is still heading towards doing things that I know I shouldn’t do. 

Let me put a question below, this question is designed to start a conversation. It’s not supposed to be a very short answer.

A Challenge

I want you to just get real and get honest because I think what you’re going to find is there’s something broken about our will and we all need Jesus to come back and fix what’s broken so that we will to do what we know we’re supposed to want to do.