To reflect God’s image is our role as ambassadors of Christ

Pastor Jeff Struecker

About four weeks ago, we started talking about what it means to be human. We asked what it means to be made in the image of God and how God created human beings and have dominion over the whole earth.

Today, we’re going to take that concept one step further, and we’re going to look at the integrity of humanity. People think of the word “integrity” as doing the right thing or doing good. Yes, doing the right thing is definitely an aspect of integrity, but the word integrity itself is much bigger than just doing the right thing.

Did you know that the word “integrity” is a math term? It’s a term that you use to refer to whole numbers. You may have heard “integers “when you were in school. Integers are references to a math term and the root form of the word integrity.

I’ve completely blown your mind, right? When I’m talking about humanity’s original integrity, I’m not just talking about doing the right thing. I’m talking about the whole picture of what it means to be human in the first place?

Who fits this category of being human?

What is human, and what isn’t human?

We wouldn’t call a dog a human, would we? But you would call somebody “human” who comes from another country even though they speak a different language. That’s the concept that I want to discuss today on mid-week worship.

Over the last two weeks, we memorized Genesis 1:26 about how we were created in God’s image and how God gave us dominion. Now, we’re going to take the next verse, Genesis 1:27. And we’re going to memorize it because it talks about humanity, the integrity of being created in the image of God.

Memory Verse

So God created man in his own image; he created him in the image of God; he created them male and female. Now, why on earth does the Bible say three times in one verse that He created humans. He created male and female humans in his image. In many parts of the world today, women are viewed as less than human.

I have spent years of my life in countries where women were viewed as property. Wives and daughters were considered property that a father and a husband could do with whatever they wanted. He can buy, sell and trade them just like animals because women were considered less than human.

You see, I have a problem with that. And my problem with that doesn’t just come back to treating a person the way they deserve to be treated because they’re not animals; they’re humans. My problem with that whole society comes directly from this verse.

You cannot avoid in this verse when God created people in His image. Who exactly are you talking about, God? Was it just Adam? He doesn’t let you miss the fact that He’s not only talking about Adam, He’s also talking about Eve.

He created him in His image. He created them in His image. You see as image-bearers; the woman bears the image of God every bit as much as a man does. Even though God is only referred to using male pronouns in the Bible, it doesn’t mean that women are less of God’s image-bearer.

So when we talk about the integer, the integrity of humanity, we’re talking about all of humanity. The whole of humanity is created in the image of God. And because the whole of humanity is made in the image of God, the whole of humanity has a responsibility to other humans.

That responsibility is an exercise that I’m going to put for you. And this exercise is our way of discussing just speaking honestly from our heart about what we’ve just heard from the Bible as we try to put what we hear into practice.

Before you answer the question as a family, before you discuss it and describe your answer out loud, I want to tell you why I asked the question this way because people that are far from Jesus don’t understand the significance of being a creature, created by the God of the universe.

A Challenge

Maybe they believe in God, and perhaps they don’t even believe in God. But people that are far from Jesus certainly don’t understand what it means to be made in the image of God, meaning that “I reflect God like a mirror.”

And I want to ask you practically, and I’m not asking you to be super spiritual. You don’t have to give me a Bible verse; I’m not asking you to be highly theoretical, just one very practical thing that you can do this week for somebody in your world.

Maybe they work with you, they go to school with you, or perhaps they live in your neighborhood. What can you do this week in their life to help them see the image of God in you?

What can I do to help them see that they are created in God’s image and are supposed to reflect the image of God to the whole world?

This is the incredible honor that we have of being God’s ambassadors on earth, reflecting Him to people that are far from Jesus.