We are differently made according to His purpose

Pastor Jeff Struecker

In the past several weeks, we’ve been talking about humankind, who we are, and how we’re different from everything else in creation.

The big theological concept that we have said over and over again for almost two months now is that humans were created in the image of God, unlike anything else that He made way back in the garden of Eden.

Humans have God’s image, which means we bear His character and His likeness. And we’re supposed to reflect who He is, not only to other humans but also to the created world around us.

Today, I’m going to talk about a very controversial subject. It shouldn’t be controversial, but it is, unfortunately.

We’re going to talk about the doctrine of humanity and specifically about human sexuality and I mean by this gender differences. I’m going to describe briefly some of the reasons why human beings are different.

If you were with us two weeks ago, we described how God made everything perfect. He put His perfect nature and character into the creation and He called it good. When God made humankind, he made them very good, this thing was special.

And then just a couple of verses later in the Bible, God looks down and sees this lonely creature called Adam (man) and He says it’s not good. It’s not good for a human to be alone. Humans need to be in a relationship with other humans.

So God does something extraordinary. God causes Adam to fall into a deep sleep. I want you to think about it in medical terms like anesthesia. God put Adam under so that God could do surgery. And I mean literally do surgery on Adam and take a part of Adam’s body.

He took the rib from Adam and take that existing material and make it into a different human, still human, 100% human, but very different than the man He creates.

And when Adam sees Eve, Adam makes a pronunciation about this creature, Eve, that God just created. I’m going to give you a verse and ask you to memorize it, then we’re going to talk about it.

Memory Verse

What the Bible is describing here is how similar but different Adam and Eve are. Adam even recognizes. Eve is not like the giraffe; she doesn’t have a really long neck. Eve is not like the elephants; she doesn’t have a long nose. Eve is not like the birds in the air; she doesn’t have wings. Eve is not like the creatures that crawl on the ground or the fish that swim in the seas; she doesn’t have fins. Eve is like me, she’s like me, but she’s different.

And y’all, I’m just going, to be honest. It is sad, that we now live in a world where the differences between men and women are being so blurred by people that have gender identity problems.

They don’t see any difference between men and women, that they just kind of see us as all in one gender, one general gender. That’s hard to say.

Unfortunately, more people today than perhaps ever in history. Who decides, I don’t like the gender that I was born with. I want to be a different gender and say that. So they go through some kind of gender change process to try to appear to the world as the other gender.

Women created by God to be women are now trying to appear as a man or men created by God are trying to appear as a woman. I’m not going to get into all of the sexual ethics of that. I want you to understand something much bigger, more profound.

Not that sexual ethics is not important. What I need you to understand is that when God created man and woman, He didn’t make one more important than the other. He also didn’t make them exactly the same. And it’s very, very important that you understand that Eve was created by God to complement Adam.

Theologically speaking, I will just tell you where I stand on this issue. I am complimentary in and I believe that Eve has all of the image of God in her that Adam does.

I believe that she is just as much a child of God as Adam is. I believe that she is every bit as important to God as Adam is. But I also believe that she’s different than Adam, that she is supposed to complement Adam, not compete with him, not replace him.

And if you were to watch the movies that are being made today, if you were to listen to the news reports, even some of the songs that you hear on the radio are starting to sound like they’re trying to teach you that one gender is better than the other. That’s wrong or that one gender can replace the other or that you don’t need the other gender. Those things are wrong.

You see, you’re different. I recognize some people were born with both genders, sex organs. And that’s a very rare but very real birth phenomenon. And if that’s you, I am not saying that there’s anything wrong in your soul or that you are a bad person because you were created that way.

I’m talking about people that were born one gender. But they don’t like it. They’re trying to become another gender. Listen, the reason why this is important is that it helps us understand who we are and who God is.

I want you to think with me about the differences between Adam and Eve. When Adam saw Eve, there was no question in his mind. This creature is like me, she’s another human being but she’s not exactly like me. She is different than me. She is both human and different at the same time. And Eve would say that Adam, he’s like me, he is a human, a child of God and bears the image of God, but he’s different than me.

I want you to think honestly about the differences between the two genders, between the male gender and the female gender, and here’s what I want you to do. I want you to answer a question.

Would you take a moment and answer this question? Parents, if you have children, would you think honestly and answer to your sons and daughters this question? Because it may have a profound impact in the world that we live in today on how they view themselves and how they view the other gender when they leave your home and they go out on their own. Here’s the question that I want you to spend a couple of minutes answering.

A Challenge

Listen, if you watch the movies and if you listen to the music, they’ll criticize 10,000 ways where the other gender is bad or worse than you. But there are some beautiful, there are some wonderful areas where a man is just simply different than a woman and a woman is different than a man.

I am a complimentary in and I believe that Adam and Eve are equal in the eyes of God in bearing his image. I believe that they’re equal in the eyes of God as sons and daughters. I believe that they’re equal in value and worth in the eyes of God.

But they’re not the same, equal but different. That is this beautiful creation that God made when He made Adam and Eve and said, let us make them in our own image.

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