God created the crown jewel of creation when He made human beings

Pastor Jeff Struecker

We’re going to discuss the doctrine of humanity for the next several weeks. We’re going to ask the question, what does it mean to be a human? Because when you start to understand what God created when he made humans way back at the beginning of the bible, maybe it will help you understand who you are, who the people around you are, and it will make a huge difference in your life.


Now, when we start to talk about the doctrine of humanity, we’re trying to figure out what we mean by “human” and what separates humans from the rest of creation. What makes human beings, human beings?


As I was preparing for this today, I found a couple of great clips in movies that do a great job of describing this. One of the movies that I watched on an airplane not long ago is the movie Jojo Rabbit in that movie. There’s a little boy named Jojo who is in Nazi Germany and has a girl hiding in his house. Jojo has to decide whether or not he believes this Jew is a human.


They had this fascinating conversation when she describes how the king of them all, Jesus Christos was a Jew. Jojo was struggling with what it means to be a human because he was being told that Jews are less than human throughout history. Many people have heard that people who don’t look like them or didn’t grow up in their country are less than human.


Just a couple of days ago, in the United States, we celebrated the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He ultimately gave his life convincing people in my country that just because your skin color is black doesn’t make you less of a human. He ultimately spent his life for the cause of civil rights and try to help my country recognize all men are human, even if their skin tone is a little bit darker than yours.


When the Bible talks about humanity, it tells us that God created the crown jewel of creation when he made human beings like the very centerpiece. This is God, rolling up his sleeves and showing off just how amazing a creator he is when he created this last part of creation on the 6th day in Genesis.


But I want you to understand what humanity is from the book of Psalms. As a church, we memorize a verse of scripture during mid-week worship. Inside Psalm 8:5, I inserted a word. I put it in brackets. I’m telling you this now because I don’t ever add something to the bible but to make you understand just how powerful it is that God has created humans and what it means to be human.


I inserted the word “humans” in the verse below. Would you commit this first to memory? Don’t add the word “humans” when you memorize it. But would you memorize as a church with me Psalm 8:5?

Memory Verse

Notice that when the bible talks about humans, who we are, and what God created, way back in the garden of Eden. The bible talks about us as being only a little bit smaller or a little bit lower in order of glory and grandeur in all of the creation. We’re only a little bit lower than God himself.


Where do you find this kind of language about birds? You don’t hear the bible talking about this, about fish or animals or mountains or valleys. You don’t hear this kind of language about anything else in creation. But you do hear this kind of language about humans. Why? What makes humans so different? What makes humans so special?


We’re going to tackle that question from a couple of different angles over the next several weeks. But I want you to go away from this verse, memorizing what it says about you as a human.


It says that God has put a little bit of his glory. He has put a little bit of his honor in you when he created you, he created you in his image and he made you incredibly awesome. This element of creation when he created you as a human.


You see, being human is basically being God’s representative here on planet earth. The way that I really want to end this is to ask you to think about what you just heard from the bible and then I want you to put what you just heard from the bible into perspective about the world that you see around you.


Here’s a question. Please think about it before you answer. If you’ve got a family, answer this as a family. If you are parents, why don’t you give your children a chance to answer this question?

A Challenge

What separates you from the rest of God’s creation?

What makes humans different than every other part of creation on the planet?

What makes you different?

Then every bird, animal, every fish, every other aspect of creation that you can see with your eyes, you can hear with your ears, everything about creation, you’re different.


I want you to answer, why are you different? How are you different? And as you answer that question, maybe you’ll start to see, “Wow God, what you made, when you made human beings is awesome and is just a little bit lower than you and crowned with glory and crowned with honor. ”