The Holy Spirit's Hidden Influence: Unveiling Three Ways it Works in Our Lives

Pastor Jeff Struecker

We have started studying about this confusing phenomenon in Christianity. Many people have heard the phrase Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit, but they don’t really understand that phrase. Well, we just started understanding who the Holy Spirit is two weeks ago, and today we’re going to roll up our sleeves and dig a little bit into the mission of the Holy Spirit. When Christians refer to God, we refer to one God in three persons. He is God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. All three of them are equally God, and each has different roles and works in different ways in a person’s life. In this article, we will discuss three ways that the Holy Spirit works in people’s lives today.

The first way that the Holy Spirit works is through the Word of God, which is the Bible. The Holy Spirit gives the Bible power, and when people read it and try to put it into practice, the Holy Spirit takes the words off the page and puts them in their hearts. This special spiritual experience goes beyond just reading words on a page.

The second way that the Holy Spirit works is by helping worshippers. The Holy Spirit gives passion to the worship of God’s people, enabling them to love God with all their heart, mind, soul, and strength. Without the Holy Spirit, our hearts are incapable of this kind of worship.

The third way that the Holy Spirit works is through the witness of believers. When people share their stories of how Jesus has saved them and how their lives are different, the Holy Spirit makes their witness persuasive to others. This helps others see that if God can do that for someone else, He can do the same for them.

These three ways that the Holy Spirit works are not just theoretical concepts; they come from the Bible. I want to give you a verse to help you understand who the Holy Spirit is and how he works today. This verse comes from 2 Peter. Would you commit 2 Peter 1:21 to memory? Here it is.

Memory Verse

This Bible verse says when people speak God’s words, when the Scripture writers wrote it down, and when prophets prophesized, those words didn’t come out of thin air; it’s actually the Holy Spirit that put those words into those writers, those speakers. The language I love about this verse is that the Holy Spirit picked them up and carried them along so that God’s words would be in their heart. Their words would become God’s words. And when the people hear those words and read them, they’re listening or reading from God. So I have this really good question that I want you to think about and then answer out loud or answer it with your buddies, in a group, or with your family.


Notice what the question is saying, “The Holy Spirit accomplishes God’s will.” God’s will will always be accomplished. But we got a question here that’s profound. How is it that the Holy Spirit of the living God can work through me? Can work through you? Can work through somebody else to make God’s plans pass? How does that whole thing work that you’re doing what you’re doing? This is a good question for you to think about as you consider the work of the Holy Spirit in your life this week.